Project to record all the things seen with the camera embedded in the eyeball and make it a movie

No matter where you look, there are plenty of cameras In modern society we think that you are accustomed to cameras and living without worrying even with them. So what would you feel like if you were sending all the things the person's eyeball in front of you looked at the camera with radio waves?

There are people who are progressing the documentary movie production using the camera actually embedded in the eyeball.

Details are below.Please note that it contains somewhat grotesque images.
Meet Eyeborg: Filmmaker plans secret surveillance using prosthetic eye camera | Mail Online


Rod Spenss of Canada, who lost his right eye's eyesight with a gun accident and got his eyeball three years ago when he was small, talked about the surveillance society as a TV program producer. One day he noticed that the cell phone camera is very small and thought that incorporating this camera, battery and transmitter in his own eye prospects would make it an interesting camera, and he said it was about to develop.

Rod who is trying to put in the prosthetic eye

Film printed eyes. There is something like an electrode

Prototype camera body. This is still small enough.

The body of the camera which became more compact with the eye prosthesis.

Development is being carried out while testing

Center of development team, University of TorontoSteve ManLifetime professor. It is exactly a wearable computer expert

Modern society is overflowing with surveillance cameras, so you can not escape from that lens no matter where you go. From the air, the latest reconnaissance satellite continues to record around the earth without break and even on the groundGoogle Maps Street ViewThe shooting car came and shoots everything and publish it on the internet. movies"Eagle Eye, The story was stated that if the individual was truly being monitored through the camera

Although things that can not be thought of a few years ago are occurring, it is insensitive to people being monitored in such a tendency that there is such a camera, and while monitoring it by the state Spencer says there is a danger of accepting society.

What kind of image can we make? I am very much looking forward to it.

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