New iPod shuffle appeared, weighs just 10 grams, features a function to tune the song title

A new iPod shuffle was announced today from Apple. The capacity is 4 GB and the weight is 10.7 g. It has a height of 45.2 mm, a width of 17.5 mm, and a thickness of 7.8 mm, and it receives a considerably small impression. There is no button on the main body, the controller felt to be fused with the cable of the headphone, and it is easy to operate without looking with eyes.

Also, when you press the button on the controller, you can read the name of the song being played, the name of the artist, the name of the playlist, etc. with the new function "VoiceOver", which also corresponds to Japanese.

Continuous playback time is up to 10 hours and can be purchased from Apple 's website from today, the price is 8800 yen, the color is 2 colors of silver and black.

Details are as below.
Apple - iPod shuffle - The world's first music player to talk to you.

Apple - iPod shuffle - VoiceOver. Multiple playlists. 4 GB capacity.

Apple - iPod shuffle - iPod shuffle speaks with VoiceOver.

Purchasing is possible from the following page. Shipment schedule is 5 business days from 3 business days.

IPod shuffle - Apple Store (Japan)

Appearance looks like this.

The body is made of aluminum oxide-coated. Two colors of silver and black.

Fairly small

Switch on the top to switch shuffle etc. It also serves as a power switch.

I mentioned the attached earphone

Clip on the back

It seems that it is supposed to use it sandwiched in clothes pocket etc.

Try putting it on

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A function to talk about song titles etc of the new iPod shuffle, when it actually talks in Japanese it becomes like this - GIGAZINE

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