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Pfizer Inc.Is a 15-membered ring macrolide systemantibioticsNew formulation of Zithromac (R) (generic name: azithromycin hydrate) as a formulation · New dosage form · As a new dose medicine, sustained release formulation for oral suspension "Zithromax (R) SR adult dry syrup 2 gIt will be released from April 6th.

Speaking of Zithromax, it seems that popularity is high due to simple usage of old tablets once a day for 3 days, and there are many people who have been prescribed at a hospital. The syrup type to be released this time is further characterized by completion of treatment with a single dose. It is possible to prevent medication stop by patients' self-judgment and contribute to the prevention of drug resistance improvement.

So, tomorrowMarch 13. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on March 13th one year ago.

Tim Burton planned to take "Superman Rives" concept art - GIGAZINE

Whether animation / manga / game should be included in banning simple possession of child pornography? - GIGAZINE

At last the yen dollar exchange rate temporarily divided by 100 yen into two-digit 99 yen range - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Life-size large Gundam "Go to Shinagawa Yumeemusu" Planning to produce and display - Society(Anime, an 18-meter figurine will be displayed at the sea breeze park from early July to the end of August)

FreeHiTV "free software where you can see the TV if you are connected to the net" KeyHoleTV ": Life Hacker [Japan Version], Life Hack Information Fully Blogging · Media(IT, very convenient but how about copyright)

Why are the tired eyes, shoulders and waist? All-purpose vitamin "Mecobalamin" effective for its close relationship and stiffness | Trend | Free video GyaO [gao] |(Health, the identity of unfamiliar vitamins is vitamin B 12)

Beauty woman crying shop ... Taiwan's "beautiful departures" talked about (Taiwan) | trend | free video GyaO [gao] |(Overseas, a woman with a "crying shop" called "lady (Hao Lu)" who stands in front of the bereaved family and cries loudly)

Mecca of animation "Mr. Suzanami" came to see the state of the gifted education The chief of the animation also has [with animation] | trend | free video GyaO [gao] |(Animation, Suginami and Nerima are "Mecca of the Anime Industry" where many animation production companies gather from long ago)

Do you know the existence of a top chef who supports McDonald's in the shade - COURRIER JAPON - X BRAND(Food, trial products of 6000 kinds of dishes in 4 years and 10 products actually being commercialized)

Oh, I would like to return to the past Castro former Chairperson "There is nothing wrong with bant or anything over there, what is Hara thinking, Nakajima is undoubtedly a good athlete"(Sports, former Cuban president of Cuba himself once played a match with major league selection as a baseball player)

University research institute - dropout rate ranking (whole)(Education, 2 out of 5 people drop out in 1st place, private school occupies 156th place)

It's funny that you can read the legendary proletarian literary go-stop that is angry from the Japan Imperial Empire and the Communist Party for free - Kotoroko(Literature, even chapter names such as "Three hundred people are united!", "Surveillance came in!" "Woman cut the fire!" "Sawada overlooked what?")

Takekuma Memo: I was troubled by "Yatterman"(Movie, "This video and Betaguagu's reward may be a burst of laugh if you decide even marijuana.")

Does "Kamehame Wave" sell at a bargain price? Spielberg pushing Justin's profile 1998/03/12 (Thursday) 15: 11: 57 [Searchina](Movie, actor starring "Dragon Ball Evolution" who did not pose once)

Introducing super neta. Movie "Dragon Ball Evolution" | Nimiyuki Enma Book(Careful because it is a movie, spoiler)

Breaking News / Seven & i Entered Joint Incentive Ceremony New employee decreased by 200 from last year - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Economy, group 16 companies totaling 1266 people decreased by about 15%)

Breaking News / Urban Center Office Vacancy Rate, Rise to 5.6% - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Economy, companies are accelerating movements to integrate and consolidate offices due to economic downturn)

World richest man reduces by 30%, Gates returns to the top of the list | Global speech | Reuters(Economy, the millionaire with assets of more than 1 billion dollars has decreased by about one-third compared with the previous year to 793 people)

Many economists dissatisfied with Obama administration's economic policy = U.S. paper survey | Reuters(As opposed to high publicity ratings by the international and the general public to the president)

FNN News: A portrait of President Obama made for breakfast cereals in New York and the United States is offered for sale(Overseas, buyers are attached at 20,000 dollars)

Chinese police, drivers' drowsiness prevention with chili | global speech | Reuters(The point that chili rather than overseas, coffee etc. is unique)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): To the sea otter baby heaven in Fukuoka Japan's first 4th generation - society(Animal, the first baby of the 4th sea otter of the death died on the evening of 11th, 44th birthday)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Imperial prison sentence to the man at the wedding ceremony "Arrogance of time earnings, short-circuiting" - Society(Society, "What ignited to earn time to draw conclusions to choose between wife and partner")

Work exhibition using 'Fukushi' - Produced with free thinking, 100 exhibits of three artists - The Railway Station Economic Newspaper(Culture, loincloth boom is also in the art world)

Namco to Drinking Pudding "Purine Sheik" Release - Co-development with Pokka - Haneda Economic Newspaper(Food, Namco of "Pudding Expo" co-developed with Pokka Corporation)

The classic masterpiece "Ito, Baros w" to read in 2 chan - Use - "Leaky eyes" etc. - Akiba economic newspaper(Memo, Takeda Shingen converts the love letter addressed to Masanobu Takasaka (Kasuga Genosuke) into 2 chan)

Expansion of the area of ​​comic books, the same day delivery service - To seven wards in Tokyo - Akiba economic newspaper(Note, home delivery service by bicycle putting "okay")

Pet dog, actually a wolf!? Photo 4 international news: AFPBB News(Images, though it seems to be visible only to the dog by whatever it seems, the face seems to be somehow scary)

NASA opens, this is the next generation space suit - Technobahn(It seems that the degree of freedom of the universe, the hip joint, the circumference of the shoulder etc. is getting bigger)

I saw the astonished "traveling station" on the Izu peninsula - G.A.W.(The service, the professional in the hospitality industry is looking at the facility focusing on such points)

What is different between nose breathing and mouth breathing? | R25(Organism, biologically the mouth is an organ that consumes food and is not a respiratory organ)

Medal of the French government to Mr. Ikeda of Bell Roses - MSN Sankei News(Léon d'Honneur was Order of the highest rank of France and received the chapter "Chevalier" (Knight, Order) in that)

Maki Z is a transfiguration of Maki Goto that is not transcendental(Images, contours are being emphasized, often speaking)

Noticed: message Masumi Kuwata official blog(Education, strict criticism against the leaders of juvenile baseball is developing)

This is just a war movie · drama: Alfalfa mosaic(It can be seen that the trend has changed greatly before and after the movie "Private Ryan")

Fire at nuclear research facility Ibaraki / Tokai-mura - MSN Sankei news(Officials discovered that fire came out from a plug of equipment that supplies power to science and radiation measurement systems)

Angel University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia(Memo, the name of the dorm is somehow very anime)

News - Ancient World - Discovering the "vampire" skull in Italy (full article) - National Geographic Official Japanese Site(History, because of the vampire seal, the mouth was packed with bricks and stones)

Space live: International Space Station starts distribution from web cameras | WIRED VISION(Universe, genuine zero gravity space not CG can be seen live)

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