Obama taste tasting review of "Obama Assistance Association Assisting Assembly Association" sold in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture

Since the event "Echizen / Wakasa's taste and technique travels" was held at the Takashimaya Nanba store, when looking into it, it was sold at Fukui Prefecture's Obama City "A party to support Obama without permission"Because souvenirs named after President Barack Obama had been sold, I bought it a lot.

Even if you look at it, Obama is full of Obama and you seem to get intoxicated, but it is a place to wonder what kind of taste it is.

Details are from the following.
First of all, Obama Manju.

On the back of the package is the content of a letter of thank you received from President Barack Obama.

I'm curious that the raw material contains 'Tororo potato powder' ...

The surface was an illustration of the back of the head, but there was a face illustration on the side.

When you open the box, Obama is full.

It is not printed with a brand name but is printed on a bag.

Anan has a feeling of azuki beans tsubu.

The flavor of the brown sugar hide is not defeated by sweetness of the ancestor and the sweetness of the brown sugar remains to the rear, but the taste of the anko is also thick and the balance of each other is just right. Since sweetness will draw a bit after eating, it is sweetness moderately likely to eat a few of them.

This is Obama bowl.

Seal of 'Association to support Obama without permission'.

It contains sake cake and sake.

President Obama 's seal is put in this manicure.

The inside of Obama sake bun has smooth texture.

Just as wine sauce, the flavor of sake is very strong. Antean with sweet taste and elegant texture fits well with the flavor of sake. Easy to eat with just the right feeling.

Then Obama crackers.

Here also President Obama's face ...


It was an ordinary sweet rice cracker, it was a taste that seems to recall the pigeon subleay somehow. It is safe when you are at a loss what to buy for a souvenir.

Finally Obama hamburg

It seems like fish meat hamburg because it is written as sea bream.

The fish used is Lenzodai. It seems that lard is also putting in order to produce juicy.

When boiled and arranged on a dish, it looks like this

cross section.

Even if you can eat as it is without putting a sauce etc. just as good as salt, it is delicious. It is juicy and easy to eat in fish meat hamburger by adding linseed oil alone with Lecodai alone. It is good for dishes for rice, but it seems to suit sake.

There are too many President Obama 's faces in front of me, so I've arranged them all. After this, I ate the whole Obama with the editorial department.

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