"Doblog refugee camp" where you can see where Doblog users who have been suspended for one month due to large-scale disasters moved to

One month has elapsed since causing the massive disability DoblogHowever, it seems that the tool to download at last finally began to be downloaded about the article data posted and published between the morning of August 4, 2008 and the morning of February 8, 2009 in the morning.

According to Tale comment, "The article data saying that it was resurrected is only the person himself, but the text data of the sticky text with no line breaks, all the tags of the HTML such as the link are disappeared and can not be associated with the image, Because it means that there are users who are too big to display or download on one page ", it seems that it is in a very miserable state.

Because I can not update my blog, I can not inform you about the relocation destination. Therefore, depending on volunteers, a "Doblog refugee camp" has been opened where you can see where Doblog users who have been suspended have moved or moved. Details are as below.
Doblog refugee camp

Basically it's a simple thing to write in the blog comment field. It seems that it will be uploaded individually as new arrival information when a certain number gathered.

In addition, Yahoo! Or Google seems to know evacuation status of other Doblog users.

Yahoo! Search - Doblog AND (Relocation OR Moving OR evacuation)

Doblog (relocate | move | evacuate) - Google search

Incidentally,Notice from Doblog Editorial Departmentaccording to,

As for the tool for downloading the article from February 8, 2009 until the morning (including the article which could be restored) from the start of service, first download the article next week (week of March 9, 2009 We are proceeding with work so that it can be released in the first half. After that, we plan to release the image download.

It is planned that the update of the blog will be possible further, the timing is unknown.

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