Image collection of ultra precise and powerful, feature-rich robots

Machines with sophisticated designs and functions will feel happy just by looking at their movements. Even if screws and gears are exposed, their beauty will not change. I tried collecting beautiful images capturing the latest robots full of such functional beauty.

Details are below.
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Remote Surgical Unit "Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System". America·Intuitive SurgicalMade

Remote operation of the surgical unit is possible with the left unit. Surgery will be possible without sending medical staff to hazardous places such as battlefields and ocean bottom oil plants.

A military explosive processing robot that the US Department of Defense conducts research and development. Many of the casualties in the Iraq warIEDDemand is rising as it is a victim of a bomb (bomb bomb).

Robot arm working in Iran's automobile factory

A robot "BERTI" that understands and responds to human gestures. Rock paper is also possible. BritishBristol Robotics LaboratoryWhenElumotionCompany collaboration.

A robot that automatically picks up luggage at a factory warehouse. Every one of the shelves moves around automatically and manages inventory. Is it that we will come here from the product even if I do not search by myself.

It is a research institution of NASAJet Propulsion LaboratoryIs promoting development "LEMUR". It was designed for the maintenance of facilities in space.

Mars exploration robot "Mars Science LaboratoryPicture of the assembly work. It is a mechanism to collect specimens on the surface of Mars, crush them and send analysis data.

Security robot of Temzac Corporation "T-34". When it detects an abnormality, it reports to the user's mobile phone, the user can control the T-34 by looking at the screen of the mobile phone.

"Tokyo Fire Department owned"Rescue robot". It is said that his nickname is a ROBOQUEU. A mechanism that enters where danger is impossible because people are dangerous and accommodates the requisite rescuers. The picture was taken during the joint training on counter-terrorism.

Waseda University Faculty of Engineering, Kanno laboratory of "soft stuff like things"TWENDY-ONE". It was made for the study of "passive flexibility" which senses a subtle force change from outside and delivers it well. For example, when you wake a person from a bed, if you force it, you get injured, so you can say that it is softly lifted ......

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Robots - The Big Picture -

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