Astonishment sight that carries a camel on a car is photographed

It is handy in desert etc. because it is resistant to drying,You can move a car on your backAlthough it is a camel with a power of about, it is filmed in a sedan type car to transport soon. Speaking of the camel's body, there is a pretty big image, but how did you put it?

Details are as below.
How many camels fit in a Subaru? - Israel News, Ynetnews

A movie of two camels on a car. - How many camels fit in a Subaru?

According to Amir Abu Jamma who shot, it was the first time I saw a camel on a car, and it is a stunning sight that two rides are on board. As I asked the driver, I heard that the camels smuggled to Palestine, and it seems that the camel is carried and meat. The price of a camel is about 4 sheeps.

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