A soldier courts in cupid's shape in a soccer field, but when it is hula and it is as it is, it becomes a military law meeting

In an effort to impress herself with a girlfriend who is concerned about British soldiers, he appeared as a cupid at the football field ground and he said he had set a football field at hand.

This behavior is backfired, it seems that there is a possibility that it can be extended to a military law conference in addition to being hurled by girlfriends.

Details are from the following.
Stupid Cupid! Soldier who streaked on football pitch firing love arrows is ditched by girlfriend and could face a court martial | Mail Online

James Miller, a 20-year-old soldier, is a football field where football's Premier League was held in an effort to impress himself with her girlfriend Jade Thompson (19) on Valentine's Day, a lot of coverage While the camera and the audience were in there, it appeared in the ground as the cupid lowered the bow of his own and the arrow of the rose. Its appearance is not like a cupid that is pretty even flattering, it seems that it was a state of "cupid too much grown" completely.

This appeared on the ground "Cupid too grown-up"

Firing a bow and arrow! It is!

James was arrested on the spot now. It is said that a fine of 200 pounds (about 28,000 yen) has been banned from all soccer games for 3 years.

Mr. Jade who put this situation in front of himself said that he paid a lot for James as "I was shamed and stepped on in front of the masses." Unfortunately it seems James' arrows did not arrive at all. "I'm sorry, I did not see it even though I thought that this action would be such a big deal, but I just wanted to impress Jade with me, but I became backflip," and I reflect on it It is said that.

This is Jade.

Moreover, it is possible that the disaster that I faced to Mr. James was not enough for this, and it could be put into a military law meeting because it made the military's evaluation extremely bad.

It is often said that the mistake of youth is a cause, but it seems that you must be responsible for your actions.

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