Photograph collection approaching the truth of the notorious US military Guantanamo base secret camp

Gantanamo US military baseIs the base of the US Navy located in the Gulf of Guantanamo in the eastern part of Cuba. Since 2002, it has also been used as a camp of suspects of Islamic extremist terrorismSeptember 11 terrorist attacks in the United StatesArrested persons are also being transported here.

Initially the existence of the facility was kept confidential and became an extraterritorial area which is neither in the United States nor in Cuba, so inhumane treatment of inmates and compulsion of confessions by torture were rampant It was. As soon as human rights organizations got into the light, criticism came at a stretch, and in response to this, in January 2009 President Obama ordered the closure of the secret accommodation facility including the accommodation facility at Gwanternamo Base, and the detainee ordered another It is decided to be transferred to the facility.

Details are below
The camp facilities at Guantanamo Base are located in the southeast part of Cuba

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Rugs for five prayers a day to be given to Muslim inmates and arrows drawn on the floor representing the direction of Mecca

The fourth accommodation facility accommodating model prisoners is open-minded. White garments are only given to model prisoners

Do laundry by yourself

Somewhat vigorous fifth accommodation facility has not been used already

Interrogation room. A good detainee here can watch a movie with a restraint such as handcuffs / shackles once a week

At least 2 hours a day gives time for exercise and you can play soccer and run in a 10 x 20 ft (about 3 x 6 meter) wire cage

It will be detained during the interview with a lawyer

Washbasin, cotton coveralls, and rugs for prayer

The towel rail is facing down to prevent suicide. The mirror is strengthened so as not to break

Navy soldiers gathered in a cell of the 6th accommodation facility, which is the most vigilant in the outside humans enter. 9.11 The location of the seventh storage facility housing suspected terrorist is treated as top secret

Painting classes for inmates are hidden

There are over 12,000 books in the library. The most popular one seems to be a self-development book using Islamic texts

An interrogation room of Camp Xrey who housed many prisoners of war in Afghanistan. Camp Xrey was abolished in 2002 and prisoners of war were transferred to other accommodation facilities

Torture such as watering was done in this interrogation room

Shower compartment of Camp Xrey. No roof

Prisoners were trapped in cages of wire gauze almost at the open end

Watching tower

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