Finally cheap iPhone 3G appeared cutting off 10,000 yen of a wishful desire

Last December in the USARumor that the iPhone 3G of 99 dollars (about 9350 yen) may be releasedThere was, but it was finally revealed that the iPhone 3G was really sold for 99 dollars.

Although it is a cheap sale which is also wishfully, it is not newly introduced a model restricting the function to suppress the price, the 8 GB model is sold at a price cut to 99 dollars.

Details are as follows.
$ 99 iPhone Emerges - for Real - PC World

According to this article, on 8 February (Saturday) in the US mail order site "Best Buy" iPhone 3G of 8GB model will be 99 dollars (about 9350 yen), 16GB model will be 199 dollars (about 18,800 yen) It is said that it is being sold.

As for February 21st for purchase it is necessary to be a member of "Best Buy" "Premier Silver Reward Zone", and it is necessary to have a new contract with AT & T for 2 years.

IPhone 3G being discounted and sold at Best Buy. Both 8 GB and 16 GB models are priced at $ 100 (about 9440 Yen).
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SoftBank Mobileonline shopAlthough the 8 GB model is iPhone 3G which is sold for real payment of 20 3040 yen and the 16 GB model is real payment of 30,460 yen, is there a similar cheap sale in Japan?

AlreadyThe story of a new model is beginning to appearIf it is cut down in Japan, it may be cut down about one month before the new model is announced, or after being announced, etc.

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