The music situation of young people in the UK saying "music is more important than sexual activity"

When I got a questionnaire about music about the young people in the UK, it seems that it is quite interesting content as to how important music is to young people and how they are thinking about illegal downloading.

Let's see what type of questionnaire result.

Details are from the following.
Teens can live without sex but not music - Telegraph

According to this article, if you have to choose between living without sexual activity or living without music for men and women aged 16 to 24, which would you choose? As a result of questionnaires, 60% of people answered that they "live without sexual activity." Especially in teens, more than 70% of people chose "life without sex act".

Another questionnaire about 1,000 males and females between 15 and 24 years of age involved in illegal downloads found that 70% of young people were found guilty of misrepresentation of music illegal downloads. According to the results of the survey in 2009, 43% of the total music has been found not to be paid, and concerns that this figure may rise to 49% due to increased downloads by teenagers It is said that it is done.

In the survey of the past three months, 75% of the people who watched the music PV on the Internet, 70% of the people actually bought the CD, 52% of the people who downloaded the music resulted in particular, and I liked it especially It seems that there are many young people who buy the artist's CD even now.

So I asked how much price is appropriate for music, and on average it was 6.58 pounds (about 880 yen) for one CD album and about 520 yen for CD album download resulted in a reasonable price That's right. It is the result that it is less than half the price actually sold, and there may be increasing number of young people doing illegal download from such conscious difference.

Lastly, I asked about the medium used to check the latest music information, and found that 67% of young people who gather information on radio music program were the most used medium. There are also 38% of young people checking music information on YouTube, and it seems that more and more people are actively using the internet.

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