A huge Pharaoh made of 200,000 LEGO drifts the Thames river

PharaohSpeaking of the King of Ancient Egypt, it is said that Pharaoh became a gigantic legofera made of 200,000 Lego blocks and was drifting in the Thames river in the UK. It seems that it was quite surreal as it was quite a mismatch with the streets of London.

Let's see what it looks like.

Details are from the following.
Pharaoh floats down the Thames (From Barry And District News)

This is a giant lego pharaoh that drifts the Thames river

A huge LEGO フ ラ オ has 200 thousand LEGO blocks, 16 ft high (about 5 m), weighing 1 ton. This Lego Pharaoh is on display in the Legoland in the UK but will be borrowed on the Pharaoh Exhibition to be held in the Czech Republic on March 21st to go on a long trip of 1395 miles (about 2,300 kilometers) It is said that it became.

If the Pharaoh of such a big Lego is moving it will definitely be the focus of attention

It seems that you will arrive at the exhibition hall on February 25.

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