The secret of the kiss which psychology professor unveiled

Analysis was conducted on a series of chemical reactions when kissing in order to investigate why the emotion of joy is derived by a kiss performed as a dear act. As a result, it seems that men and women have found that the reaction when kissing is different depending on the mood.

Details are as below.
Kissing feels so pleasurable due to hormone surge, find scientists - Telegraph

A team of Professor Wendy Hill teaching psychology at Lafayette University. Secreted by stressCortisolAnd Neurotransmitters that regulate social behaviorOxytocinStudies were conducted on two hormones, namely hormone.

When examining the change when we gripped hands and kissed 15 pairs of couple, it seems that cortisol of stress hormone decreased. However, concerning oxytocin that there is work to relieve stress, only men have risen. After that, repeated research, it seems that in the case of females, hormones did not increase rapidly in places with less mood like university health centers.

"This study shows that kissing is an act of complicated meaning and shows that it is promoting hormonal change.We tend to care about who you are and who you are kissing In fact, there are more things going on, "Hill says.

It is unknown how kiss works to promote hormonal change, but some researchers think that hormones change as pheromone contained in saliva is exchanged. Some people say " We may be able to strengthen the defense mechanism inside the body by sharing bacteria, "says Helen Fisher of Rudgers University.

Oxytocin is for peopleEffect to raise confidenceThere seems to be so, it seems that a couple who wants to raise their familiarity with each other seems better to kiss at a place with a mood than a normal place.

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