Clearly there are 6 editions in the latest OS "Windows 7"

On January 13th this yearA beta version was also offered in Japan, Microsoft's latest OS "Windows 7", but it became clear that all six editions are planned to be released.

It is about a year to go on saleBut what kind of lineup is it going to be?

Details are as follows.
Windows 7 Lineup Offers Clear Choice for Consumers and Businesses: Windows General Manager Mike Ybarra discusses how Windows 7 editions are being designed to make buying simple, while serving the needs of more than 1 billion customers worldwide.

According to Mike Ybarra, general manager of Windows posted on the official Microsoft page, 6 types of editions will be released for Windows 7.

First of all, it is aimed at general users who are supposed to occupy the majority of the purchasing layerWindows 7 Home Premium"For small and medium enterprise users etc.Windows 7 ProfessionalIn addition to the lineup of two types, for large enterprise users "Windows 7 Enterprise"For emerging marketsWindows 7 Home Basic"For OEM to a personal computer with limited function"Windows 7 Starter"And all functions are installed"Windows 7 UltimateIt is said that lineup will be done.

In addition, as a result of providing the beta version, we are able to obtain results that users can comfortably operate even on low-cost mini laptops called "Netbook" such as EeePC.

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