Wendy's "Bacon Demiglas Cheese Burger" Tasting Review

I bought "Bacon Demiglas Cheese Burger" which was released on Wednesday from 29th January and tried it. It is a solid volume as ever and everlasting.

Review from below.
Wendy's - Bacon Demiglas Cheese Burger

I bought it. Wendy's seal of familiar.

"Please refrain from using a microwave oven."

Bacon Demiglas cheeseburger with cheese, bacon and onion on massive patty.

Here is Patty 2 sheets of double bacon demiglace cheeseburger.

The cross section is also powerful.

The compatibility of demiglas sauce and patty is also a volume that can cover a meal with a single burger, but because it is quite salty overall with bacon and patty, there is a bit of a pain. Patty may be just a single.

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