Some idea to get the dog's hun properly collected

Occasionally there are owner with bad manners to keep dogs without properly collecting them when walking the dogs, but there are people who came up with ideas to enlighten such people.

Details are below.
Bright Orange Dog Poo | The Morningstarr *

South of EnglandWeston-super-MareIn the district association association of the district, we started a campaign to make dog Hun spray orange spray. In order to reduce the owner who keeps the dog's hun, it seems that the aim is to inform how many huns are left intact by making it stand out. Round worms contained in dung and cat hunter infest human beingsZoonotic infectionIt is a serious problem because it is blinded after 100 names every year by every year.

On the contrary, because it is a rare color, there seems to be problems such as children picking up and playing, but if you see the orange color in the park, you do not seem to feel like leaving Hun as it is.

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