Yahoo! video cast is out of service, users go to zoome and Nico Nico video

According to Yahoo!, services that you can upload and publish videos etc. you shot yourself like YouTube "Yahoo! Video CastIt will end all services on April 5, 2009. It seems to delete all uploaded videos.

Details are as below.
Yahoo! Video Cast Completion Notice

According to this, firstly the following functions will be unavailable from February 16, 2009.

· Upload new videos
· Crucifixion of videos to other services
Yahoo! Everyone's Topics
Yahoo! DAYS
Yahoo! Blog
Yahoo! Anything Exchange

And from April 5th onwards, I will delete all contents including videos. For videos that have already been uploaded, it is possible to download in Flash video format from "Video list" of "Video management".

further,"If you wish to continue using posting video service even after "Yahoo! Video cast" ends, please use the following Yahoo! JAPAN partner site service.By saying that "Zoome"When"Nico Nico Douga"Is introduced.

by the wayYou can not upload Google Video within a few months, YouTube and so on,The movie itself does not disappear, It seems that something like a moving tool will be provided. I think that "Yahoo! Video cast" should be left at least for the movie at least, but even if it just keeps it, it costs too much, so is it still a millet?

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