JA U Goo of "Akitakomachi Moe rice bag", this time we release beef curry of Ugo beef beef package of Moe package

BeforeOrder Moe rice bag at GIGAZINE editorial departmentAlthough I have done it, JA TRA which had released that one is going to release beef curry of Uki beef this time. Of course, it is the same as Moe rice bag that handles the package illustrationAoi NishimataMr. It is said that the release will start from around late January.

Details are as below.
Miety's LifeDiva | Akita ken prefecture Uego town "Ugi beef curry" released!

According to Mr. Aoi Nishimata's official blog,JA in Akita prefecture Urago Townが今度は「羽後牛ビーフカレー」を発売することになり、そのパッケージを手がけたそうです。パッケージは「ちょっとレトロな雰囲気漂う感じになる予定」だそうで、西又さんによれば「とにかく羽後牛が美味しい!!!ハマル事間違えナシです(((>_<*)))」とのこと。

Curry will be released late January,Yuki and Pia Seven Songs Road GuideIt is said that the event will be held.

By the way, the design of Moe rice bag was like this.

Below is a review of what I actually tried to eat.

Temple cattle is going down with gores, Moe package 'Ugure beef curry' Taste Review - GIGAZINE

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