A man who took over 26 years to capture the Rubik's Cube

Rubik's CubeIt's amazingly solved,A computer that solves the Rubik's cube with 10,000 faces in 4 minutesThere seems to be a male who took 26 years to solve one Rubik 's Cube (one with 3 x 3 orthodox ones) in the UK, although eyes tend to go to the early record.

When he bought a Rubik cube, the Soviet Union still exists and the secretary generalAndropovIt seems it was, I can feel how long 26 years passed.

Details are as below.
Man takes 26 years to solve Rubik's Cube | Metro.co.uk

Rubik's Cube finally solved after 26 years by avid fan - Telegraph

Graham Parker (45) is the challenger. I purchased the Rubik 's Cube in 1983, when the Soviet Union still existed under Secretary General Andropov, it seems that the record store began handling CDs. Mr. Graham's wife Jean (47) said, "When I met Graham, he was already obsessed with the cube ... using daily it all day every day," when he got married, three children I felt that I felt as if I was holding the same.

Mr. Graham seems to have hurt his wrist and back due to continued fight with the Rubik's Cube, and finally he says he can not understand how to feel safe and free when he could solve it. Sometimes a friend suggested to solve it instead, or when he saw the Internet he said that he could understand the solution, but he continued to capture with himself, finally turning the cube over to complete the full color It seems that she was pleased when she shed tears.

WCA (World Cube Association: World Cube Association)"It is the longest capture record of Rubik's Cube," praising Mr. Graham's accomplishment.

It is wonderful to have something to be hooked for 26 years.

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