Super luxury iPhone> 200 million yen "Kings Button"

In recent years, the main body price of mobile phones has been getting higher, and it takes a considerable burden to change the model, but there seems to be a ridiculous iPhone that will cost more than 200 million yen. If it is expensive so far, it seems that it will not be used much as a mobile phone.

Details are from the following.
Peter aloisson - creations - Apple - iPhone 3G "Kings Button"

This is the ultra-luxury iPhone "Kings Button"

You can see the image of "Kings Button" spinning from below.
Peter aloisson - creations - Apple - iPhone 3G "Kings Button" - Rendering

Peter Aloisson, an Australian jeweler, designed this ultra-luxury iPhone "Kings Button". It uses yellow gold, white gold, rose gold (pink gold) abundantly, and it seems that 138 diamonds are spread over the edges of white gold. It is the home button that has more impact than that 6.6 carat diamonds. There seems to be considerable resistance to push such a big diamond button.

By the way, the price is 1,636,000 pounds (about 226 million yen). As expected it would be scary to carry it outside if it is expensive so far.

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