Latest image of Monster Hunter 3 released massively, sea dragon "Lagiacruz" and severe death fight

The latest image of the latest work of Capcom's popular series "Monster Hunter 3 (Try)" was released in large quantities at once.

The huge sea dragon that symbolizes the film "Lagiacruz" as "the ruler of the ocean" has launched an attack with a huge tail, a breath attack, and a fighting attack such as electric shock to the player, and the expectation is inevitable It is becoming increasing content.

Details are as follows.
This is the sea dragon "Lagiacruz".

I'm resting in the water.

Breath attack

I got a rush. It seems to be difficult to avoid.

Regular attack

Attack using the tail. It seems that no one will eat it when you get it.

Lightning attack. I guess it is impossible to avoid avoiding underwater ....

It is destroying the underwater terrain.

Sometimes it attacks against the ground from the waterside.

It also becomes a ground fight. It seems that the range of activities is not only in the ocean.

Attack using the tail. It seems easier to avoid than underwater, but it hits you when you hit it.

Of course, I will also set a breath attack. Is not it quite a player crying?

In the water, the player needs to pay attention to "oxygen gauge" on the left side of the screen.

The gauge has decreased.

Rush into the dangerous area.

It is also possible to recover oxygen gauge with "oxygen point" in water.

Of course it is recoverable even if it comes out to the water surface. There is also an item called "Oxygen ball".

Also, in the same work, pop icons appear when you go to "action points" scattered in the field. The action is possible by just pressing the A button.

Step. Pressing the A button will exceed it.

Where to open the supply box.

Mining with Pickel.


Insect repellent is also possible with A button.

Although it is Wii software "Monster Hunter 3" which is said to be released this year, when will the product version appear at first? The next report is about to be awaited.

The official site of "Monster Hunter 3 (Try)" is from the following.

Capcom "Monster Hunter 3 (Try)"

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