Movie that understands the reason why you should not enter a MRI room with metal

Used for medical examination and examinationMRIIt is warned that it is absolutely necessary to bring a metal in the room, but it is a moving picture that understands the reason very well. If you see this you will not feel like that.

Details are below.
YouTube - Dangers of MRI's

Experiment with an empty oxygen cylinder

Since MRI utilizes strong magnetic force, it is pulled when taking it nearby

So if you put it this way

Slide out ...

It will be hard work. If this were the real head ...

Magnetic force enough to pull it with both hands

This picture seems to have been made based on the situation of the actual accident that the oxygen cylinder which was in the MRI room was pulled by the magnetic force of MRI and hit the head of a 6 year old boy died. I think that I will receive attention from a doctor, but let's take care not to bring metal into the MRI room.

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