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Long holidays at the end of the year and the year are also seasons of travel but according to a survey on "New Year's Resolution" conducted by Internetcom Inc. and Eyebridge Research Plus, one in four people"I want to realize space travel in the future in 10 years"That's right. By the way, the top reason for those who do not want to travel to the universe is "Travel expenses are high". One founder of Google deposited $ 5 million (about 450 million yen)We are reserving private space travelThat's right, when will the days when citizens can freely travel in space?

So, tomorrow is a holiday on Emperor's Birthday. The next WednesdayDecember 24. On December 24th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

10 Ways to Approach a Woman - GIGAZINE

From December 24, Aiba Bunko's Book of Hisashi Yumano "Dogura Magura" is released - GIGAZINE

Writer who lost in arm sum wrestedly punched, unexpectedly - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Business Media Makoto: 40% of new recruits "Lifetime employees" in 2008 - What are you satisfied with after joining the company?(Work, the top of what was more than expected than before joining the company "Personnel Relationship in the Workplace")

Rejected Corrective Action: Firefox 2 Re-Updates, Next Time in the Last Release - ITmedia News(Software, Firefox 2 will not be updated in the future)

Window Forest - [NEWS] Bug fix of 31 and stability improved "Lunascape 5" Beta released(Browser that can use software and engine switching)

The most used mobile function in the year ahead is "mail" 50% half, "voice call" more than 20% - eye share research(Mail is used most regardless of mobile, sex or age)

Quick News / Economic Judgment "Worse" ... 6 months since the collapse of the IT bubble Monthly Economic Report for December in 10 Months - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Economy, economic decisions are "waning" from "last month's" weakened ")

【Urgent Report】 IE's zero day attack that started in Japan(It is necessary to pay attention to security, release of non-routine emergency patch)

Submarine cable cutting in the Mediterranean also affects the 14 Middle East and Asian countries | WIRED VISION(Net, the Egyptian Ministry of Communications reported that the Internet service was almost completely stopped)

Scholarship delinquency, "Delinquency rate" more than twice the average to announce school name ... Supporting Organization: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Schools, scholarships being delinquent increase year by year)

NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): Nationwide pension, insurance fee Monthly raised 250 yen Increase to 10,6660 yen in FY09(Note, if you use it properly, it does not matter)

08 Critical news selected by readers - Sports version - Sports news: nikkansports.com(Sports, this year there are many news of the Olympic Games as well)

Common sense of the universe seems insane in common sense on the ground, Shinya Matsuura "Exploring the interface between people, technology and information"(Universe, Common sense unique to outer space that does not come out much in fiction)

Coconut crab egg production goes to land, 60 years controversy ... Fisheries Research Institute shooting: Science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Notes, ecology that was controversial since the 1940s)

Daily cleaning !! How can I get rid of dirty rooms?(Memo, 3 steps to clean up the room full of garbage)

Fairy tale train driven by Santa Claus | Excite News(Memo, limited time tram for only children can ride)

"Christmas Swimming Tournament" in Nice French Nation | The world's speech | Reuters(Memo, water temperature is 14 degrees and Santa also appears)

4000 Santa in Romania aim for world record | global speech | Reuters(Memo, a scene that Wally seems to be secretly mixed)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): "Buy toys" Santa Requests - Business(Memo, Santa desperately desperately because it is a depression)

Future Search Gadget Communication >> [Breaking News] Notice of Canceling Christmas(Memorandum will be dealt out in Akihabara)

Reason why "shoes" (for children) like shoes are selling - INTER News(Note, socks looking good even without wearing shoes)

Diplomatic document: Japan fishing boat capture "Compensation is a banana" Rikkaku - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Note, old bananas were luxury goods)

J-CAST News: Will it be possible to completely shift the terrestrial digital broadcasting to less than three years to analog wave stops?(Television, the United States and South Korea have postponed the schedule)

Tea Fairy: Overseas animation fans talk about "When did you notice that animation is being edited?" - livedoor Blog (blog)(There are also edited to say that it can be said to be different from animation, Japanese animation)

"Plan B!" Finally you can play in Japanese, "Gears of War 2" Japan release officially decided! - Famitsu.com(Game, planned for 2009, release date undecided)

4Gamer.net - Is the game industry in Japan truly awful? I asked Mr. Yamato of the wandering game industry person about real intention (Grand · Theft Auto IV)(Game, game market is good in North America)

4Gamer.net - "Why do people pay money in game items?" I asked Mr. Miho Nojima of Seikei University about the new economic value generated by digital generation (Second Life)(Research by associate professor who is addicted to online game at game, disabled level)

Culture / Musical "The Prince of Tennis" Work In Progress Makoto Matsuda - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Memo, a hit musical that has mobilized 620,000 people so far)

Kinnikuman - Myvoiscom's net findings(Note, Ramenman is known only after Kinnikuman)

"M-1" Kansai area momentary viewing rate is 43.1%! News - ORICON STYLE-(TV, average 35.0% to a viewing rate that greatly exceeds last year)

The age of "hands" and "speed" Reason why NON STYLE won the championship: daily Saizo(Comedy, NON STYLE was blurred 51 times with the first one)

I analyzed the 2008 M-1 Grand Prix by hand - Final Defense Line 2(Comedy, looking back on the material used in M-1)

"Koji Imada is fired too?" Storm of restructuring that is blown to TV stations: daily Saizo(Recession depressed over TV and TV industry)

Industry / Columbia, historical drama "Metal Samurai" DVD Sales Strong Focus on the World: FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(TV, Metal make-up foreigners play a leading role in a different color era drama)

The 25th: New Year, Youth Spring, Early Spring - a well-known scheduled release date. When is it actually released? - Hollywood channel speaking of the movies -(Explanation of ambiguous expression of movie, opening time)

Waranote I can not hold it anymore Shopping at Darth Vader(Neta, Sir Vader in a suits unexpectedly uncomfortable)

CNN.co.jp: Undisclosed recording tape of Drunken Lennon, a bid for 2.7 million yen(I wonder if it can be distinguished by a drunk singing voice)

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