Keanu Reeves, Kansai Japan Appears at Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens for Premier Event

I made a courtesy visit to Governor Hashimoto of the Osaka Prefectural GovernmentKeanu Reeves, this time "The day the earth restsFor the stage greetings on the first day of screeningHankyu Nishinomiya GardensAppears on. I will tell you the popular plenty with photos and movies!

Details are below. Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens just opened last month

Poster is slick

The guest is full of fun

A 60 m blue carpet that imaged a blue earth instead of a red carpet. 350 people gathered for this event participant.

Keanu appeared

The appearance scene was this kind of candy. You look really handsome when you see it.

Keanu willingly respond to the request of the sign.

Waving to the customer at the end of the blue carpet and leaving

Continue to greet the stage before the screen. Interpretation continues Natsuko Toda. It is said that about 300 people in 2 screens, about 1000 people gathered in the event greeting.

Appeared saying "Konichiwa ~"

Shake to cheer and respond

Clap from the venue to Keanu saying "This is Higo, not osaka"

"I got sleepy and I got tired!" Keanu who care for customers

Surrounded by news reporters

I left for the next screen

A movie released from today "The Day the Earth Stoods" was based on the "Day the Earth Stood Still" announced in 1951 SF action. Klianu warns of the destruction of the earth Kuanu as a messenger from the universe as Kianu. Is he an enemy or a friend altogether? What is his real purpose? Co-star is super transcendentJennifer ConnellyAnd that son of Will SmithJayden Christopher Sia Smith. I'm looking forward to how much box office income is available in Japan.

19:40 Postscript: Images and movies were added in the text.

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