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E-mail magazine distribution service "Musk"The e-mail magazine which the reader's evaluation was the highest is decided"Mashuramaku Grand Prize 2008"Was announced. In 1st placeBusiness knowledge source premium, 2nd placeSexy psychology! ★ Psychology to grasp the opponent's heart in 7 seconds, 3rd placeInternational news commentary on Tanaka Yu, And the top 3 seems to have been compacted by news and retailers. Since various other department awards have been announced, how about subscribing if you find an e-mail magazine that you care about?

So, tomorrowDecember 18. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on December 18th one year ago.

Japanese government announces response when UFO flew to Japan - GIGAZINE

American clandestine policeman brings out a helicopter to want a donut - GIGAZINE

The world's longest "condom chain" is produced using 90,000 condoms in India - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
At the time of PC purchase, it is the "maker site" woman who refers to men over 60 years old? - ITmedia News(Note, a woman tends to emphasize information he actually heard)

New year's New Year is relaxing at home. 30% "Internet New Year" on San Francisco - Eye Share Research(Note, points such as travel and shopping declined, more people spend less money)

Half calorie "cup noodle" Nissin Food NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net)(Suppressing oil content by blowing oil on the surface and drying with hot air, suppressing calories by kneading dietary fiber in the evening)

Au · Softbank, "Changing Terminals" to Explore Children Market - ITmedia News(Mobile, targeting children who are longing for mature)

Sony "FeliCa" embedded type and low price version - ITmedia News(Assuming incorporation into memos, membership cards, point cards, coupons etc.)

The first 3G mobile network in North Korea, the Egyptian telecommunications company launched - ITmedia News(Note, plan to expand service in Pyongyang first and sequentially expand the area)

Expansion of damage due to falsification of regular site: Microsoft, IE's extra patch release on 18th - ITmedia News(Software, it seems that about 0.2% of users in the world may have browsed a website on which malicious code was set up)

How much is that man? Galla rank a little anxious acts Entertainment: ZAKZAK(Entertainment, the difference in the amount of Hollywood galleries)

Rumors that the new "PSP - 4000" appeared in 2009, software development for "PSP 2" also: News - CNET Japan(Game, yet details are unknown at the stage of rumors)

Racecourse, more than 40% of women "want to go" ~ 30% purchase of betting tickets, 60% information collection using the Internet - Eye Share research(Note, women have few people buying betting tickets at the racecourse, most people buy online)

Rakuten acquires TBS, impossibly approves "certified holding company" transition: News - CNET Japan(Society, approval to shift to "certified broadcasting holding company" is approved, so that it becomes difficult for the single shareholders to acquire shares of 33% or more, so acquisition becomes difficult)

Illegal content, to ban download - With private report recording subcommittee policy: News - CNET Japan(Memo, a policy to submit the revised bill to the next ordinary Diet session was shown)

Super convenience! Free tool to help business: Let's clean the hard disk at the end of the fiscal year! "Complete deletion"(Software that can completely delete files with the same operation as deleting with software, trash box)

Forest of Window - 【NEWS】 "Firefox" v3.0.5 and v2.0.0.19 are released, the v2 series is the last update(Software, the main change fixes 8 security problems)

V6 · Okada Junichi, confessing that he was thinking of quitting his office at the age of 20: Saiseyoman(Entertainment, recently it seems that things that I want to do, such as being involved from the planning stage start to come true little by little)

Listen to the last champion sandwich man is "M-1 Honorable Law" is Kore !!: Nikkan Saiseau(Entertainment, the game is decided by how to use the time limit of 4 minutes)

How to go with your boss - Type 3: No boss with policy | Manners courses of gentlemen / ladies | Yorukoyoruta(Note, keywords for successfully associating with a manager without a policy "First is important")

Escala cafe | 【Actual Condition of Working Girls】 What to do when e-mails from favorite people do not return 【Actual Condition of Working Girls】(There are many behaviors that seems to be romance, faint and frightening)

Male celebrity ranking with ideal figure of yearning ranking - goo ranking(Note, Ega was in the 29th place)

Knowing, there is no loss, caution needed not to perform invalid restructuring Checkpoint | trend | free video GyaO [gao] |(Society, 4 points to judge whether it has effectiveness)

First year, second year, third year, association yearly · send to her | Christmas gift law | trend | free video GyaO [gao] |(Memo, it seems good to give a drunken present if you want to resolve a manneri in the third year or more)

Mobile solar charger capable of talking for 40 minutes with 12 hours charging: tell me you .net(Hardware, the difficulty of not being able to charge while connecting)

How long is it from popular "big TV" | Excite News(Appliances, Sharp seems to be described as a large TV from 26V type)

Hong Kong's "Japanese Food Boom" to Save Fixed Eating Chains | News & amp; Analysis | Diamond Online(Economy, boom in Hong Kong to raise the name recognition, there are places where environmental customers from Hong Kong come to places where the head office is located)

"Good boss" "Bad boss" to the heart. People who have bad boss of Denki are cautioned for heart disease! | Get to know! Body and heart's "Health Navi" | Diamond Online(Memo, a boss without leadership seems to make his subordinate a heart disease)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: The car's butt is sexy(Cars, various car photo hundreds of photos)

The origin of Mickey Mouse is obvious! Oswald of similar character-like rabbit ...! - Cinema Today(Note, Oswald is the character Walt invented in 1927 before the birth of Mickey Mouse)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun company): Sensei, turned into Santa? Illumination appearance - Society(Society, created using about 6000 lights)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): a little shy, but comfortable! A woman's loincloth unexpected popularity - a society(It seems that there were many people surprised by the comfort of clothes, trying on fitting)

Decrease in fund raising Donations to disaster victims Puzzled by "tourism" Luminarie closing: Hyogo: Region: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(The victims are puzzled by the fact that the symbols of the earthquake reconstruction are changing to sightseeing purpose)

Nissan expanding production in Japan NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net) to non-regular employees zero(Economy, we plan to reduce the number of non-regular employees of Nissan's main body by 500 by the end of March next year to zero)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): Air school girls are air guns? Aimed at 3 consecutive in Kitakyushu City - Society(Memo, the perpetrator has not been caught yet)

"Not surprised!" ... Striking a woman purchased chocolate with a hammer - MSN Sankei News(It seems that the memorandum is reported as "frequently received violence until now")

Flu epidemic in influenza nationwide The third fastest past - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)(Note, Yamanashi Prefecture has the largest number of patients)

The star is a starter! During Kohira, departing around the world: Performing Arts: Sports Bulletin(Performance, aim for the completion of 20,000 kilometers on land and 16,000 kilometers on sea in about two and a half years)

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