Ecology by eating camels

Speaking of camels, there are many images in the Middle East and North Africa, but in fact it is said that Australia is the most common wild camel in the world. Camelid exotic wild and proliferated, so it will follow the delicate ecosystem of the desertVerminAlthough it is regarded as a problem, it seems that experts are proposing that eating camels is the best solution.

Details are as below.Eat more camel to save the environment, experts urge | The Australian

Australian CamelCamel imported mainly from India and others as a means of transportation in the Midwest development period wild.Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research CenterThree years of research carried out by the Australian camel currently has more than 1 million camels in the world as the wild camel in the world, the desert ecosystem, water source, rare plant, rare animal, indigenous population It has become obvious that it has an adverse effect on. It also contributes to climate change, such as promoting desertification by eating plants, and spewing greenhouse gases.

Professor Murray McGregor, coauthor of this paper, said, "You should eat camels from today, I've eaten, but it looks like beef, it's tasty, it's the least healthy and the best health food." "Camels spit a brim There are also people who feel it is ugly and feels ugly, but it will not be a reason to eat it, "he said in a campaign to promote camel food in Australia in the future.

In Australia, government climate advisorRoss GarnautA report on the camel this time following the proposal that the professor "should eat Kangaroo instead of beef and sheep for greenhouse gas reduction". Can I change my diet to protect the environment?

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