Comics · Wave · film known for producing Shinkai Makoto's work produces Taisei's CM

"Place promised over the clouds"Or"5 Centimeters Per Second"Taisei's commercial that was produced by Comics · Wave · Film, which produces Makoto Shinkai known for its fine drawing and high quality animation of music, was released on the web. It is a beautiful visual that is totally blinded by eyes, making it a quality that seems to be a trailer of a theatrical movie.

Details are as below.
It was produced by "CM of New Doha International Airport" CM. The voice of the protagonist is set up as a story of a young employee who is in charge of actor Hagiwara Saint who aims to complete the airport.

Taisei Corporation New TV "New Doha International Airport Hen" was completed

Director and character design are Tazawa Tide who was in charge of the drafting director of "Over the cloud, the promised place" and the draft character of "telepathy girl orchid". Yugo Sugan is involved in numerous television programs and movies including "Tetsuobaddi DECODE" and drama "Haken no Rika", and you can feel the depth of the world with a short time CM.

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