I woke up during surgery and surgery can proceed with panic condition

The consciousness returned in the middle of surgery, and it seems that a woman who is hung while fighting fear is about to rush a trial. She told the hospital that she had regained consciousness and said she had advanced the operation, claiming that there might be problems with the hospital system and how to manage and use the anesthesia.

It is quite scary to surely have your body cut in a state of consciousness, but let's see what kind of situation it was specifically.

Details are from the following.
NT woman wakes during surgery but is paralysed and unable to scream | The Australian

Rebecca Jones (24 years old) who woke up during surgery this time. She was supposed to undergo gall bladder surgery at Alice Springs Hospital, but she seems to have returned consciousness during surgery. When consciousness came back, she seems to have thought that the doctor raised the operation after the surgery, but in fact it confirmed that it was in the middle of the operation. Rebecca seems to have gone into panic.

She said she could not move her body because she was paralyzed and could not ask for help. However, hearing and others remained, so he seems to know what kind of conversation is being done in the operation room. I do not know whether I felt the pain, but it seems there was a sense of being hungry.

She said she was desperate trying to tell her that she had consciousness. I was able to move my hand somehow and the doctor seemed to notice it, but the operation seemed to have continued as it was.

This is Rebecca.

Mr. Vicki Taylor who is the director for this case refused comment. However, he seems to admit that Mr. Rebecca was awake during surgery. Rebecca is considering legal measures, and it is said that the discussion is being promoted now.

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