A woman who lost one eye in an accident is looking for an engineer to carry a compact camera as an eye prosthesis

A woman who lost one eye due to a car accident revealed that he is looking for an engineer to mount a compact camera as a prosthetic eye instead of the lost eye.

whatghost in the ShellIt is a story that seems to come out, but what exactly is it?

Details are as follows.

According to this page, a woman named Tanya Vlach is looking for an engineer to mount a small camera as a prosthetic eye. Tanya has lost his left eye in 2005 due to the accident and is interested in supplementing it with the latest technology.

And as a small camera mounted as a prosthetic eye, I am requesting the recording function with MPEG - 4, Mini (Micro?) SD card slot, AV output, Firewire · USB drive function, optical triple zoom, remote control function, Bluetooth etc , Wireless charging function, optional function to look at infrared rays and ultraviolet rays etc are requested as an option.

If I realize it all, I feel that I will gain the ability to go far beyond the usual human beings, but is there any day when her request will come true?

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