"REMM AKIHABARA" - the nearest hotel from Akihabara Station

Focused on "Confortable Sleep", hotel "REMM AKIHABARA" does anything to provide you a good stay, like massage chairs in every room, glass partitions to make the room seem larger and so forth.

For those who are willing to make a visit to Akihabara, the hotel will be one of your dominant choice.

Let's take a closer look.


See the site above for room layouts. This time we stayed in a single room.

Take elevators to the sixth floor where the front desk is. There's three elevators.

The fee must be pre-paid at the front desk. Take the card key. Also take tea bags if you need some for your amenity. It's free.

A litte lounge in front of the front desk. A good place for waiting.

All doors has a card key slot and it's self-locking. You should slip in your card key to the slit on the wall to use electricity in the room. You also need to hold it directly to the sensor in the elevator to go to the floor where your room is.

Video from the entrance door.

One step forward. The hotel also has a room with an inverted layout.

A closet.

Turn left to the bathroom.

Thoroughly sanitized

A modern toilet with no flush tank

Equipped with a bidet and a seat heater. But since there's not enough room, your elbow may hit those switches accidently.

Soaps, tooth brushes and so on.

The sink.

Toilet papers and a hair dryer are placed under the sink.

A shower booth.

Shampoo, rinse and body soap

And a "Rain shower". The shower on the ceiling makes you feel like you are in a real one.

Selector switch

This is the actual device. We used it but it's sort of...you know.

The transparent glass partition well contributes to the room's openness

Fully exposed. But you have a window shade.

The original made bed. Not too soft, not too hard. It's just right.

Massage chair and an air purifier.

Seeing bathroom from the bedside.

Hitachi's Wooo brand LCD TV

A small shelf next to the TV. The bottled water on the shelf is for free.

A glass and tissue papers. Tea bag is for free but you should get it at the front desk. There's several kinds of them and you may take any of them, as many as you like. They also provides Gussumin, supplement for sleeping.

Electric water boiler

The desk is wide enough to place your laptop. The chair doesn't come with arm rest, but comfort enough to work on. Recommended for those who often works in the hotel room.

The glass desk. May be good for heat spreading.

Two outlets and a LAN connector. Free Internet access available. They also rent you free LAN cable.

At first, you will automatically be redirected to this page.

You may choose 24 hour basic service, or 3 hours service with global IP provided.

They use FBIT as their ISP.

Air conditioner.

A phone, an alarm clock, a note pad blah-blah-blah. The alarm clock has a simple design and works firmly. The check out time is 12 o'clock so you can rise late.

A small mirror stand.

LED light above the desk. The brightness is adjustable.

Switches and an outlet on the bedside. You can use your laptop while you lie on the bed, but you need longer LAN cable since the one you can rent is so short. But we like the numbers of the outlet.

Bed light.

Ambient lighting between pillows and a picture frame on the wall.

Seeing TV from the bed

Seeing bathroom from the bed

Seeing desk from the bed

The sight from the bed in video

You may get discounts with the room key.

Due to the security reason, no room numbers are written on the card. The holder has a number but be sure not to forget it.

Refrigerator under the desk. Enough size for three 500ml PET bottles

The safe. It has outlet inside so you can store your laptop securely while charging. Magnificent.

Opening a curtain. There also is a venetian blind so you can keep the room dark while daytime. The room is soundproofed and totally quiet. As the hotel is placed next to the train station, you may feel a little vibration. But it won't interrupt your sleep.

View from the window. Akihabara Daibiru in front of the hotel.

Akihabara Station underneath

Akihabara electronics quarter

Zooming up

The room is not big but it's cozy. Much satisfaction. There are plenty of restaurants and food stands in Akihabara district. Convenience store is also at hand in front of the hotel entrance. So no worry about foods needed. The access to the central Tokyo is easy since the hotel close to Akihabara Station. So it's good for your business trip, or exploring Akihabara. Cheaper prices will lead to more satisfaction. But it's a fair trade-off, we think.

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