Pictures of star winners' cosplay contest top winners

REBELSCUM which collects a lot of data on Star Wars has announced Star Wars' top cosplay contestants. The pictures of the top 3 people are released from the adult category and the child division, respectively, and you can see that you wear a fairly elaborate costume.

Details are as below. Halloween Costume Contest 2008 Winners!

Erin of the adult category winner. game"Star Wars: The Force UnleashedCharacter that appeared in "Maris Brod's Costume

Kristin, second in the adult category. It seems to be Princess Leia who became a zombie ...

Kyle, third in the adult category. EVO Trooper appearing in "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed"

Paige who is the winner of the child division. Aura Thing's costume.

Benjamin-kun, who is second in the child division. CG animation movie "Star Wars / Clone WarsImpersonated as Captain · Rex who appears in

Michael-kun, third in the child's division. Darth Vader, familiar.

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