Headline news on 11th November 2008

"Basic knowledge of modern terminology"New word · buzzword grand prix" selected from questionnaire of reader judgesA candidate word was announced. What is cited this year are "sub prime", "kitter"! "" Crab engine / crab yacht "" Shin to kun / Manto-kun "" It is different from you "" g ~! "" Poisoned daughter " 60 generations such as "clear space generation / education for clearance". The top ten language and annual awards will be chosen by the judging committee from among these. Some people may have words that you do not recognize much in the candidates, but what words will be chosen in the "New word / buzz word award" in 2008?

So, tomorrowNovember 12. On November 12th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

I went to Nagoya's coffee shop "Lyon" where there is "Morning" until evening - GIGAZINE

Pictures that understand the history of growth of Michael Jackson variously Various - GIGAZINE

QR code model that you want to see the hidden part "Cure - reason" - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
I have seen "Hatena large-scale data processing" - Rakuro(It is useful for a large number of parts that sympathize with the server and our server)

【Column / Newsletter / etc etc】 Deshu / Wizard of Guidance? "30-year-old health and physical education" - Akiba Blog(Book, a concrete way to explain using various illustrations)

2nd generation iPod touch clock count is 1.3 times of iPhone - iPhone · iPod touch laboratory(Hardware, 412 MHz and 532 MHz respectively)

Home Theater, Pocket Size Projector "Optoma pocket projector PK101": News - CNET Japan(Hardware, size projector that can be carried in your pocket)

The Bush administration has conducted about 10 confidential operations in the past 4 years US NY Times Pictures 3 pictures International News: AFPBB News(War, live coverage of attacks on armed groups to CIA headquarters)

"When the car speeds up, children are dangerous ..." Two men who placed the "stop sign" sign on their own, exactly like the real thing, documents sent: Alfalfa mosaic(Absurdity, which violates the law but does not manage anything)

Textbook rental is a profitable business? Kleiner Perkins invests in Chegg(Textbooks and textbooks should not be written but use of fluorescent markers is permitted)

Cure black underwear. - Tamagotchi rice(Underwear, indeed it looks alike but the breasts are not so big)

"Non scientific" science policy of the Bush administration introducing religion and market principles into science - Diary of the tree(About Christian fundamentalism standing in front of education, science)

Tokyo Ethno | 【Survey】 Over 80% of men "To cook" Special dish is fried rice(Cooking, a lot of recipes to memorize)

FNN News: I covered the "Human Library" that lends humans, not books in the UK.(People wearing shirts with letters of "Book" on their back talk readers a variety of experiences)

Artists present 1000 pieces of work to various places in London, presented to those who found it | Global speech | Reuters(Art, work by Adam Nito who has made works of up to 6.55 million yen)

Watch "X-file" and get only 25 treasure items in the world! - Ameba News [Ameba News](If you send a memo or ticket half ticket, the director's autograph signed art frame will be gifts for drawing)

Amazing! Shinjo's tooth whiteness was # FFFFFF! - bks does not stop(Verify by extracting tooth color with memo and eyedropper tool)

Business Media Makoto: Looking at the blood type, exchange period of one toothbrush (1/2)(Note, the findings by Johnson & End Johnson)

"I am refused by the Japanese" ... Takeshi Kameda of boxing, the opponent of the next race is undecided - MSN Sankei News(Sports, game scheduled for December 8)

HP in Osaka prefecture is down, attacking from outside - MSN Sankei News(Net, network paralysis caused by access concentration was twice)

Free app "Block poster" that can create large posters in 3 minutes | WIRED VISION(It divides the image into a size that can be printed with a net service, an ordinary printer)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): 2 school girls high school students "remodeling" with metabolic father and self - education(Memo, home club research announcement meeting)

Do you keep bands of domestic CDs? Are you throwing away? Excite News(Memo, it is slightly bigger than the case so it is difficult to keep it)

"Hay fever" improved in 3 months, the research team of Switzerland is new treatment method: Science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Healing, treatment to repeatedly inject the causative substance)

"Mimics cat's brain" IBM participates in DARPA's plan | WIRED VISION(It seems that the mouse of the mouse is easier to make than a cat, a cat)

Healing the body and mind at the temple in Kyoto - Japan travel, "Journey to look back on yourself in Kyoto" released | Life | My comic journal(Travel, For ladies in their late 20s to working women in their 40s)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Naoko Yamazaki, the second Japanese woman to space in 2010 - Science(The seventh person as a Japanese astronaut in the universe and the space agency)

Mars Prosecutor Phoenix finally stops working - Engadget Japanese(The universe, the battery could not be recharged and the memory was lost when it was night)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): 450 "Pains" such as super cars gather in Odaiba! - Manga + - Movie · Music · Entertainment(Memo, a car may suit you if it is a super car)

Akira Toriyama's first interview (Star log November 1980 issue, Interviewer Takakuho Haruka) - Explanation of information addicts, print addicts, or narratives(Manga, one of the 30 years career of the Toriyama Akira who is the first one)

The original "Lucky Star" entered the college student 【Konata and Masao same college】: Syu's quiz blog(Manga, Uniform appearance disappeared)

Kirarin ☆ Revolution: Approximately 9000 people in concert Mosumi · Kuzumi smiles (Eito web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Annie's concert whose memo, Morning Musume is out as a voice actor)

Let's decide the best moment in the history of anime: VIPPER me(Animation, the place where you want to keep at least everything)

Official site "Genji Monogatari Millennium Genji" that became an original project from "Asaki Yumemi"(Animation, "Nodame Cantabile" and "NANA"NoitaminaBroadcast with frames)

"Oh no Ocha Fu Tasty Matcha" starts selling nationwide from November 17 (Monday): News Release | Itoen(Eating, renewed tea using "Matcha with Tea cup")

B grade gourmet: town okoshi "food dialect" unexpected - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Meeting "B1 Grand Prix" to decide the best B grade gourmet)

Udon noodles are struggling right now? "甘 れ れ udon" | Excite News(Food, sweet udon which appeared as a specialty of Zao-machi, Miyagi prefecture)

Young husband seems to make a sake Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www(Because recipe, liquor tax law is available, drinks with alcohol of 1% or more are out in Japan)

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