Finally "Windows 3.x" finished for over 18 years history finally

Since English version was released in 1990, it has been familiar to users for more than 18 yearsMicrosoft Windows 3.x. Support itself was already finished in 2001, but it seems that license issuance was also stopped.

Even now I think that people who are using Windows 3.x will be a considerable minority, but Windows 3.1100 million shipments as of August 1995It seems that it was done, and it seems that there are various memories for those who are using computers from long ago.

Details are as below.
BBC NEWS | Technology | The end of an era - Windows 3.x

According to BBC 's report, Microsoft said that on November 1, 2008, Microsoft finished issuing licenses for Windows 3.x. Windows 3.0 released in 1990 has multimedia function with Windows 3.0 with Multimedia Extensions update to counter Apple's PC which had completed graphical user interface function. Windows 3.1 also progressed using movies, sounds, and CD-ROMs.

Microsoft Windows 3.x - Contributing to the launch of the PC / AT compatible machine market in Japan

Windows 3.x was required to boot from MS-DOS environment rather than OS, but since Japanese can be handled and application software common to domestic PC can be used,PC-9800 seriesTo the Japanese personal computer market monopolized byPC / AT compatible machineHe also contributed to the formation of the market.

Commercial for Windows 3.1 in Japan. The catch copy that comes out at the end is "laugh and work".
YouTube - Windows 3.1 Commercial (japanese)

Even after the successor Windows 95 comes out "Windows 3.1 that can be used still more"Or"Let's extend Windows 3.1!In the feeling, it shows that the goodness and usage of Windows 3.1 are written, and it seems that many people loved it.

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