Citizen Judge System-themed Bra, inspired by Goddes of Justice

Japanese lingerie maker Triumph is known for their annual concept-brassiere for public relations, always unique and sometimes weird. This time, on the eve of introduction of citizen judge system in Japan, they've made a "Citizen Judge System Bra" to raise awareness.

Read on for details and more pics.
(Japanese)Triumph Lingerie

The design is inspired by Goddess of justice.

Kind of looks like cosplay.

The planning and producing took them six months. The bra can transform in to scales, the gold cups can be used as scalepans and straps as chains, attached to original hanger-cum-balance bar. Inside the cups are black-and-white reversible pads, reflecting "guilty" and "not guilty".

The black wrap skirt is made of the same Habutai silk fabric as the judge's robe, and the white bow at the side is inspired by the white scarves female judges wear at court. The wrap skirt could also be worn as a cape, to feel more like a judge wearing robe.

The Chinese characters on the back of the panties says "Byodo", meaning "equity".

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