Pretty original and dangerous North Korean theme park

There seems to be many amusement parks around Pyongyang of North Korea, and it seems that there is an amusement park called "Kaeson Youth Park", the largest amusement park among them. Kaeson Youth Park is an amusement park opened in 1984, which seems to be made to stimulate citizens' willingness to create, but in a way it is made original and extremely dangerous.

Before,Detective Night SoupAlthough there was a paradise series, if there is such an amusement park in Japan, it seems that Tsubasa detective will come soon at once.

Details are from the following.
It is a merry-go-round that is visible on the left side, and a roller coaster that is visible on the right. I am curious that the merry-go-round is quite large. I feel that the circle of the roller coaster turns once.

Shoot. It is cheaper than shooting festival.

There seems to be a time when a sharply political image appears. A shuriken is stuck in an American soldier.

Sometimes political legitimacy may be lacking.

Will it move properly?

Ferris wheel. I am afraid to ride somewhat.

A ride called "Wheels of Death". It seems that there is no safety seat and it is notorious for throwing out passengers.

A single-person coaster called "Rollercoaster of Death". I am curious that the vehicle is derailed and has fallen. This is the real "death roller coaster".

You can see a movie from the ride seat of a dead roller coaster from the following.
Pyongyang Roller Coaster by blogjam - Revver Online Video Sharing Network

You can see other images from below.
The Eerie Amusement Parks of North Korea

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