Shock pictures capturing the moment a snake swallows a parrot at a general private house

A picture taken of a moment when a parrot is swallowed by a snake in a general house in Australia. People who took pictures seemed to try to rescue the parrot, but he seems to give up. "Spiders catch bigger birds than theirs"This is a snake and a nice snake introduced in" It seems that you can see many horrible sights in Australian houses. If such things happen in Japan, it is inevitable that there will be a big fuss.

Let's see what kind of sight it was. Because it is a shocking picture, attention is necessary when looking.

Pictures are from the following.
The battle and the bulge: Amazing pictures show python making a meal of cockatoo | Mail Online

When an artist Cindy Lane draws a picture with his atelier at home, he said he went to see what happened because the backyard was noisy. What I saw thereKibatanIt was a moment when a parrot kind of being swallowed by a python snake. Lane seemed to think for helping for a moment but abandoned to help because it was completely late. It seems that I got a picture showing how it is swallowed.

I tighten the parrot completely to such an extent that I can not move, swallowing up to about half of my body.

There is no longer a way to hand it.

Looking like this when you see it near.

I was completely swallowed.

Only the feathers remain from the mouth and it is unbearable.

It took about 2 hours to have the parrot fully swallowed. Mr. Lane commented, "Although it was a sight that I could not stand, I was still fascinated."

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