No need for address, so that you can send New Year's cards in real on "Mi Mike"

As a result of the popularization of sending e-mails called "Akeime mail" etc. as new year's celebration, postcard postcard gradually the demand is gradually diminishing, but "major" SNS (social networking service) "mixi" It is said that they will start a service that allows you to send postcard greeting cards to friends by partnering.

Also, neither the sending side nor the sending side need to tell the other party the address, so you can exchange New Year's cards with confidence. It may be nice to send it to someone who takes care of you everyday.

Details are as follows.
Japan Post, Mixi and New Year card business service - Latest news: IT-PLUS

According to this article, Japan Post Group postal business corporation is said to start a New Year's card mailing service in cooperation with Mixi which runs major SNS "mixi".

This is to send a New Year 's card from a friend of mine (My Mixi) by designating a friend who wants to send, so Mixi can manage personal information such as address, so even if you do not know each other' s address. Also, Mr. Miyoshi will substitute printing of address and so on. In addition, the service is said to be launched in late November.

I'm wondering what kind of design you can send New Year 's cards, but it may be fun to send things that remain in shape.

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