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Island farming which started from the section chief and upgraded to the president. The island cultivation company, Shin-Osaka / Ginowan Holdings, is modeled on Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., and Matsushita changed its company name as Matsushita changed its name to Panasonic Corporation.We are looking for new company name and new brand nameIt is being done. Although there are conditions such as "English notation" and "short things", it seems that one million yen will be given as a prize to the recruiter, so if you think of a good name, you may want to apply .

So, tomorrowOctober 28. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on October 28th one year ago.

Umbrella with high strength enough to make two watermelons - GIGAZINE

Meiji Seika 's shareholder benefits, what on earth will come? - GIGAZINE

"Hot Eye Mask with Meguri Steam Vapor" Feels So Good To Explode Slowly - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Photo Report: Children Try "XO" Notebook PC: News - CNET Japan(Hardware, an 8-year old girl tried a notebook PC)

Can carry around the earth - Google Earth iPhone application version: News - CNET Japan(Mobile also supports Japanese)

Industry / 【Bottom current】 Year end, bankruptcy rush reality - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Businesses, banks are pinch, so small and medium-sized enterprises that can not borrow money are on the brinks)

Yusuke Furuta Akiba Pick Up! : "It's too complicated to give up" - Market with a sharp focus on the graphics card market (1/4) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, there seems to be some GPU that changed the specification before)

Asahi.com: Governor Hashizashi "You can not help without putting out your hands" Statement accepting corporal punishment - Politics(Note, after discussion, "There is no need to be caught by the word" corporal punishment ")

Current status of "Akiba Blog" to report "Akiba's reality"(Answer that "As soon as transition" is answered to the question as to whether the Akihabara color changes greatly)

The important thing is not to "try hard for a month" - Anxiety(Memo, interpretation of the author as to why "I will do my best")

A wonderful way of living Blog :: Arrested just by walking !!(Note, it seems that you just saw Mr. Aso 's walk to the scene where the policeman caught him)

Off For those who are not used to it, let's think off is basically an extension of the timeline - Yoshikawa's branch - Nico Nico Division(From memo, attention to explanation until after the off-day meeting)

You can read in 3 minutes! Study technique to produce results from the next guy: A way to make learning speed dramatically upgrade from 'embarrassing' (1/4) - ITmedia Biz.ID(The learning method, "practice first, then study after practicing your subjects outright)"

Actually, the "groom" where the wife was, arson and arrest at the ceremony to avoid the wedding ceremony: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Arson, stating "I thought that if you put on a fire you do not have to do a wedding ceremony)

Four iron rules to write easy-to-understand e-mails: ITpro(Mail, it is important to improve the overall outlook)

"I hate cigarettes" Air cleaner produced by female employees of Daikin - ITmedia News(Household appliances, development of the function of "deodorizing water bleeding odor") secret story)

Achievement test first place "Learning from Akita" is OK? College admission rate is sluggish (3/3 pages) - MSN Sankei News(Education, Akita has an average value that exceeds other prefectures but the upper layer is thin)

"Pain (Itasha)" Moe - Anime character to the body of the car (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News(Various pictures of cars, pain cars)

Terrestrial digital broadcasting: small, medium and high correspondence TV 1% Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Broadcasting, burdens on municipalities are quite large even at half price burden)

Requested Hara coach WBC Japan national coach Evaluation of Se · League consecutive winning - MSN Sankei News(Baseball, though the skill of Mr. Hara was appraised, it seems to be elected like the one chosen because there is no choice)

Expanding Netbook Front: Dell Launches Fanless and Large Screen Low Price Mini Note "Inspiron Mini 12" - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, liquid crystal resolution to 1280 x 800)

Yusuke Furuta Akiba Pick Up! : 150 people rushed to just 5 "PT 1" - A momentary festival with late night Akihabara (1/2) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Note, calculations that one in 30 people can get)

Honda Masakazu's TV Style: Even without its own panel - the direction that Hitachi found - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Note, Hitachi 's future withdrawing from plasma TV panel production?

Perusage reviews of Hirasawa Toshiyasu 7th Century "BLACK BASE" ~ 2.5 inch USB external case that can also mirror(Hardware, external HDD case that can mirror 2.5 inch HDD)

Victor finished production of standalone VHS video deck(Note, Victor who is the father of VHS also ends production)

NicoNico Live broadcast, SOFTBANK MOBILE presentation live broadcast(Mobile, targeted first 10,000)

Toei, Animation BB Premium, "Featuring The Pumpkin Wine" feature started(Animation, Special Issue on Halloween Named)

First test of Windows Vista SP2, also starting this week(Software, SP2 that appeared earlier than I expected)

ExpressCard type data communication card "W06K"(Good news for computer user with ExpressCard slot instead of mobile, PC card slot)

Prime Minister Aso 's Akihabara speech Maybe Masogomi does not tell Koto - Akiba Blog(A note, a panel such as "Do not defeat the deflection of mass mussel!")

The 17th: A catch phrase of the "Academy Awards Best Possible Candidate" that we often see. Who says it? - Hollywood channel speaking of the movies -(Film, 'preeminent candidates' etc. are pretty dubious phrases)

Culture / Fuji's late night anime frame "Neutamina" win young women's fresh fresh projects one after another - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Capture the layer that I did not see the late night animation on TV)

Perception rate of Moe / Pain goods, "Painfulness" less than 30%, "Moe rice" more than 20% - I share research(Awareness of goods containing illustrations such as memos and animations)

In addition, it is topic again at the appearance of the play movie of the low evaluation Kusoge "pro golfer monkey" of the Z topic(Game, Famitsu cross review games with the lowest rating)

Game * Spark -: Today's piece "Mario figures fused with that Mickey! By Miu(Memo, image of extremely dangerous feeling)

High price precaution measures: The most frequently reviewed is "seasonal use frequency of my car" Kansai severe in numbers, Kanto who threw away the attention of the appearance - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shinbun)(There are many people who feel the rise in prices in the Kansai region from the Kanto region)

【World's Subtle Gourmet · Special Feature】 Announcing the Best 5 of Dangerous Suites - INTER News(Level that understands food and name alone is dangerous)

World's longest young bird of 23 meters - Social news: nikkansports.com(Food, grilled chicken made from 50 people)

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