Toilet in the world that can add more while enjoying a superb view

Speaking of toilet is usually closed, and it is about the wall when you add it, but there seems to be a lot of toilets in the world that you can add yourself while watching the spectacular view.

Especially the view of the toilet may not be wonderful, but it may be suitable for people who do not like narrow toilets.

Details are as below.
Loo with a view: The world's toilets with the best vistas | Mail Online

Boston Bay High Camp toilet near Johannesburg Mountain

Toilets in the Andean mountains of Ecuador. It seems that people living here are said to live to 135 years old

Toilet at Changi Airport in Singapore where you can see a huge plane

A toilet in Mount Sinai, Egypt. It seems that it is the best spot to see the sunrise in this mountain

Alcatraz jail in the San Francisco Bay Watch tower in the toilet

Toilet in Mt. McKinley in Alaska. You can see the sea of ​​clouds in the distance

There is a legend that St. Patrick has visited to drive away the dragons and the devil The toilet of Mount Crawpatrick. I feel a bit incongruous that there is a sign written "LADIES"

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