The walking house "N55 WALKING HOUSE" which was created assuming disasters

It seems that a moving house was created that assumed disasters such as floods. Solar cells and windmills are powered and it is possible to operate even if the lifeline is cut off.

Although the movie at the time of moving is also made public, the speed is very slow because it moves safely.

Details are as below.
Manual for micro dwellings

Based on the cultures of nomads who had been honing survival techniques in any environment, they seem to have been built with the project started by the Wysing Arts Center, a system to collect rainwater, a system to boil water with sunlight, a small greenhouse etc. It is installed and it is said that up to four people can be completely self-sufficient.

N55 WALKING HOUSE is composed of various materials such as iron, aluminum and wood. The window is made of polycarbonate

Inside living room

Space for kitchen and toilet

Install a solar panel on the roof

A movie that shows how to move without leaning. It seems that the maximum speed will be 60 meters
YouTube - N55 WALKING HOUSE First Steps

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