Headline news on October 24, 2008

It is getting cooler from now on to winter, becoming the season for skiing and snowboarding, but it shows a phenomenon that looks cute, or pretty in the opposite sex in a ski resortSloped MagicTo the questionnaire about whether you know the word "About 60% of people know the resultIt seems to have become.

When asked why they took slope magic for each man, it is clear that men are "looks and dresses", women are "skill and skill of skiing and snowboarding", and that male and female viewpoints differ.

Moreover, when asked what extent the sexuality can be seen by the slope magic, I heard that more than 60% of men and women have resulted "over 3 extra". It might be a hand to invite the intentional person to the slopes and to show myself a few extra minds.

So, next MondayOctober 27. On October 27th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

A pretty cute little squirrel that makes a bold confession - GIGAZINE

I stabbed my boyfriend and drank blood, like a vampire woman - GIGAZINE

How much lung will be dirty when you smoke a cigarette Reproduced in a plastic container - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Chinese users, furious about Microsoft piracy measures - ITmedia News(Software, a program that changes the screen to black when the installed software does not pass the diagnosis of whether it is a genuine version)

High school student with irregular request to Saizeriya, apologizing and refunding - ITmedia News(Fraud, a crime statement was also issued by Mixi)

Kota's twins are decided as "Chita" and "Kuta" (Society) - Sponichi Annex News(Memo, Kiita is my pace, Kuta is a sweetboy)

Influenza also affects broccoli to final deficit - ITmedia News(Memo, other factors that could not absorb the cost burden of new store brands are also factors)

World's first advertisement posted on New Year's cards that can be freely used and provided free of charge - ITmedia News(Memo, it may get in the way for people who keep their New Year's cards)

Competition of price cuts at mini notebook PC Toshiba, activated with entry of NEC - ITmedia News(Hardware, if you wait carefully, prices may be cheaper than now)

[WSJ] Pochari mobile phone to the toilet, what would you do? (1/2) - ITmedia News(The most important thing when wetting mobile, mobile phone "Never turn on the power until it is completely dry")

A female reporter who made Prime Minister Aso seriously "mouth attack" is a society: ZAKZAK(A method to change memos and angles and repeat the same questions again)

Social network is responsible for administrative functions: ITpro(SNS, "It seems to be because it is indispensable to borrow the power of social resources")

Saeko temporary rest "I want to cherish time with him and Tibidal you": Entertainment: Sports report(Entertainment, de facto retirement declaration)

"Vulnerability" vulnerability in Windows, "Fear of worm to appear abusing": ITpro(Security, concerning the Server service of Windows, a vulnerability that can not properly handle the transmitted data was found)

Asahi.com: Governor Hashimoto, hot discussion with high school students Heuristic complaints "Heart up with everyone" - Politics(Note, I say "I also refute" from the brief, serious mode against high school students' questions)

"It is really an arrest or an experiment" - Preliminary announcement of "Small girls burning" again in 2ch - ITmedia News(Memo, criminal notice increasing trend)

Counterfeit survey NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net) survey of fake brand products purchase, more than 50%(Memo, the sense of resistance to counterfeit goods is lowered and the result of enlightenment activities has not come out)

Super fast browser "Minefield" to experience the future Firefox: News - CNET Japan(Software, the author sticks Minefield)

Hiroyuki Nishimura who is the manager of 2channels is exclusively intense white! "Internet is not needed for children!" - Cinema Today(Memorandum that the child is an object to protect, "Child does not have the technique to deal with third parties trying to exploit them")

Why "Second Life" is the essence of the boring virtual world community Digital consumer electronics & entertainment - Latest news: IT-PLUS(Observation that it was better to narrow down the function of the net service, the function)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Fuji Television, 2 Program Net Paying Distribution of Young People From November - Culture(Broadcasting, people who want to see by all means recording, so demand may be low)

Your mobile phone "Ichiro Ozawa" in one color - Distributing Democratic Party mobile phone dress up tool: Mobile Channel - CNET Japan(Mobile, not required for personal use)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): A police investigation of innocence allegation "I was capturing beetle" and explained the late - society(I do not care how I am looking for beetles during the incident, during work ...)

A real prison has become a hotel | Excite News(Memo, Excellent appearance and interior decoration and good security of former prison)

Is Japan "Nobita"?: ITpro(Memo, it seems "Giant with a face of Nobita")

The darkness of a man who does not declare a relationship | The strange lamb Bar man Gokoro commentary | Yoru Koyoruta(Memo, it seems to be good to check once per kiss)

Escala cafe | Fukuyama popularity is further accelerating!? I asked 20-girls "Honesty, looking for something better than looking songs" male vocalist ranking [everyone, what do you think? Women's ranking in their twenties](Memo, Fukuyama is No. 1 in the first place)

Korean version "Nodame" High viewer rating also playing scene is not it? : Saizo Woman(Criticism that animation, the hands and sounds of the performance scene fall apart)

I have heard but I do not know the contents Science law rule ranking - daily change ranking news - column - goo ranking(Ranking, out of the top 5 rankings, only 2 were found)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): false cashmere more and more demand grows sweet inspection, difficult to distinguish - society(There are also cases where camouflage, product material check is written only, poor checking system highlighted)

Collusion with a dating woman, sentenced to former Konan university of fraudulent accusation: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(It seems that he was also conducting extortion using punishment and other dating sites)

Marriage consultation: Troubles surging contract / cancellation surge, twice the previous year Aichi - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Memo, although it is not necessarily increasing nationwide, it is unknown about the rapid increase of Aichi)

Shinshu University fired in sexual harassment Nagano prefectural court in the lawsuit of ineffective professor - MSN Sankei News(Trial, dismissing relief with respect to solicitation fee request)

200 million women female "Disappearance" A man who arrested sexual appearance Disguised car abandoned(It is thought that the purpose is to disturb the case, the investigation)

Current affairs dot com: leave you cleaning and washing = developing housework support robot - practical application after 10 years also · Tokyo University etc.(Memo, goal for practical use after 10 years)

Fuji Sasaki Kyoko Announced remarriage - Entertainment News: nikkansports.com(After entertainment, childbirth, "Suku Dan!

Beckham, AC Milan transfers a representative position focus - Overseas football news: nikkansports.com(Expecting success in football, Serie A)

"Abalone Broadcasting" in the report of molestation ... Mr. Utsugi and Asahi Broadcasting settled performing arts: ZAKZAK(Note, amount of settlement money is not made public)

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