A man who made his own Lamborghini counterak in the basement

A movie released 17 years agoCannon ballAlso emerging in the supercar, also a synonym for a carLamborghini Countach. Ken Imhoff who was fascinated by this car by watching a movie is said to have made his own Lamborghini counteruck in his basement.

It is a place to worry about how to put it out if it is completed in the basement, but it also takes pictures of how to bring it to the ground without leaving.

Details are as below.
Hand-Made Basement-Built Lamborghini: Hand-Made Lamborghini Built In Basement Finally Sees Light Of Day

Austin - Ken's Countach

A wood structure to take the exterior mold

It seems that the exterior part is made of aluminum

Frame made by welding

Add more and more parts

It seems like it looks great when the interior becomes substantial

Rear with wing attached

Completion I do not think it was made from scratch Cool

V8 engine installed



The inside looks like this

Seats are full of anxious buttons

When it goes out, it seems he destroyed the underground wall and made a slope and dragged it out

I can not see it in a handmade car

The door looks like a sports car and the door opens up.

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