Headline news on October 14, 2008

One hundred personnel personnel engaged in mid-career hiring of engineers says "What are the unique characteristics of technicians feeling at interview?"Results of questionnaire survey, "Self-public shortage" and "Confidenceist" are about 22%, respectively, and it seems that it is the same result as the questionnaire result of "absolutely not adopting".

In addition, as a result of a questionnaire survey that "Percentage of people who felt that it was good to hire after entering the company", 40% of recruiters responded that "more than 80% of the employed engineers failed" You can also see that you have a head.

So, tomorrowOctober 15. On October 15th one year ago GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

Hatsune Miku special feature of "Akko's Random" is too bad and it makes a big fuss - GIGAZINE

Villagers living by selling cocaine flowing to the coast - GIGAZINE

A kangaroo movie that avoids the danger of death at the limit. - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
I do not need an anachronistic stage device anymore --- one after another - continue to be called "Masumi": ITpro(It is pointed out that departure due to improvement of personal capacity is important because there is a stage device of anecdotalism at the root of the media and mass communication, and that details are ...)

Hitachi Feature Tool to erase hard sound of HDD to make silence! - Trick technique shop DD(Introducing the usage of software, "Hitachi Feature Tool" using images)

"Puyo Puyo" when acquaintance is too strong - Active Galactic: 11 dimensions and natural science and torture everyday(Memo, awesome Puyo Puyo player is surprised at the world)

Seven dissatisfactions with Hatena - Failure of ordinary people (blogs that get crazy when reading)(Lists dissatisfaction of authors such as memo, "heavy", "many inner ring story", "story can not follow")

Boasting son is male and female: male and female: life guide: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Memo, very strong jealousy against my son)

Increased risk of hearing loss with MP3 player - EU warns - ITmedia News(Note, 89 dB within safety standards may cause deafness if listening for more than 5 hours a week)

Continuation · Shock of 17 people killing: "I sympathized with Kato, I become the death penalty" Discontent, sympathy and unreasonableness - ITmedia News(Incident, scars left by Kato suspects of Akihabara indiscriminate murder case)

Solving the mystery of BIOS settings - builder by ZDNet Japan(Software, people who are trying to assemble their own PCs from now on may be better to read)

Remuneration other than a career advancement is also necessary for technical workers - builder by ZDNet Japan(Note that there are some technicians who demonstrate their abilities in an unmanaged position and that giving rewards to give those people a reward is one hand)

We have computing power but we do not have "volume" Excite News(Education, recent children have poor living experience, lack of sense of weight and quantity, application skill is not available)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Notice of "dangerous celebrities" by net search Ranking announcement - Society(Ranking names of celebrities who often get to dangerous sites when conducting security, net search)

To prevent anti-doping sports pharmacist system creation - sports news: nikkansports.com(We aim to train experts who can conduct appropriate information provision and educational activities because examples of using drugs, lack of knowledge and carelessness are prominent)

【Today's Tips】 The strongest photo editing brand enters the web "Photoshop.com" | Net | My Computer Journal(Web services, functions are still small, but how we will develop in future)

4 years in the mountains, dedicated standing at light tiger life assistant's seat - MSN Sankei News(Stealing, stealing about 20 units in total around the light tigers in 4 years)

Save capacity shortage! Eee PC startup technique (first part)(Hardware, various countermeasures for those who tried in C drive 4 GB with Windows XP installed)

Career design excelled career, different view depending on generation - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, softbank's Sharp model design is too strong)

Photo Report: Looking back on the era - Vintage PC Collection (1980-1983): News - CNET Japan(Hardware, Retro PC Various)

Google loses with two copyright infringement litigation in Germany: News - CNET Japan(A trial was held concerning the copyright, the thumbnail image was displayed on image search for photos and comics)

"World factory" began refusing orders: NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Current situation that the economy, raw materials costs, personnel costs, land prices, taxes and everything rises and it is not possible to respond by raising the order price)

Distribution of receiver of terrestrial digital broadcasting 46 · 9% September, survey by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications(It was planned to raise the penetration rate to 50% at TV and Beijing Olympics, but it was lower)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): El magazine, closed for a break in the February issue Long-established store of the Kansai information magazine - Society(The magazine, the curated information magazine that lasted over 30 years)

Asan Blue Dragon returns to Mongolia, Kyushu location closed: Grand Sumo wrestling: Sports: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Sumo wrestling, recovery of injury is delayed, Kanji goes down until November)

High-tech sports wear ability (1) Even for the general public, will it become faster with "fast swimsuit"? - Fashionable information magazine that stimulates personal life - Nikkei TRENDY - feature(Note, experiment wearing actually)

Everyone's news: "My baby may bully the Internet" Parents are worried Netstar Survey - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(There are many parents who do not know the usage situation other than the memo and the fee, many parents who do not know the actual situation)

"I like thieves, I am excited" ... 180 million yen in office vandalism, a member of Hokkaido - MSN Sankei News(Incident, about 1,000 theft suspects in total in the province in about 6 years)

Business Media Makoto: Current affairs of Kamio Hisashi · Special edition: Edy is used 30 times per minute - Edy Island · Okinawa latest situation (1)(Note, Edy has penetrated in Okinawa as much as the time when settlement per one tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen)

Will it increase revenue on YouTube, program distribution with advertisement? - ITmedia News(Net service, distribute advertisement revenue by selling advertisements to be delivered to TV programs)

Victor, Blu-ray recorder equipped with digital W tuner(Hardware, a simple remote control that only operates normally used is bundled)

Hoshino SD "I'd like to decide Tiger's new coach in two weeks" (1/3 page) - Baseball - SANSPO.COM(Baseball, policy to decide by haste to avoid confusion)

The new model of Panasonic has soared up to the No. 1 ranking Compact digital camera sales ranking? Business - latest news: IT-PLUS(Digital camera, "LUMIX DMC - FX 37" made a big leap from the 10th place)

Regulatory ordinance of encounter cafe established | Domestic | Reuters(Memo, second following nationwide following Kyoto)

Current affairs dot com: male strip caught = publicly indecent, 70 customers - Osaka prefectural police(Incident, sales close to 1.4 million monthly in 4 days a month)

CNN.co.jp: Yankee Stadium Last Homerun Ball, For Auction(Baseball, predicted bid price is about 20 million yen)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Galaxy Collision, Subsubscribing Tails Observing Subaru Telescope Photography - Science(Note, it will become a clue to explore the evolution of galaxies and the appearance of stars)

M-1 participation, Miyoshi Hideki debuts comic Deutsch - Performing - SANSPO.COM(Comedy, "Gay helps yourself") Self-contained stuff is incorporated into)

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