A machine that turns cheap wine into vintage wine in 30 minutes

Even though I want to drink a vintage wine that I could have put asleep for decades, it is very expensive and there are few opportunities to say. However, it seems that a machine that turns inexpensive wines sold at convenience stores and supermarkets, etc. into a taste like a vintage wine which had been laid for many years was invented.

Although it is not yet circulated yet, if this machine is circulated in general, fresh fresh wine and aged wine can be easily tasted.

Details are from the following.
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Developer's name is Casey Jones. Although the name has not been decided yet in the machine developed this time, it seems that it is called "Ultrasonic Wine Ager" within the company.

It is said that this machine can aged by hitting alcohol molecules in the bottle and change it to a taste as if it had been laid for several decades. Also, since this machine acts on every alcohol component, it seems that even a paint remover will taste like a single malt whiskey that was laid down for 8 years.

This is "Ultrasonic Wine Ager".

I put a bottle and it looks like this. Mr. Casey is the person in the picture.

Wine brewing expert André Jones also seems to be surprised that the taste evidently changes when you drink and compare the wine before it is matured with this machine and the wine after aged. According to Mr. André, the variety of the grape itself has not changed, but the wine made from degraded grapes changed like a wine made from fine grapes.

Inventors Showcase Co., Ltd., a company of Mr. Casey, is looking for a manufacturing partner of "Ultrasonic Wine Ager" manufacturing and distribution. Mr. Casey seems to expect the effect of sales promotion of house wine etc. by this machine.

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