Newly arrived images of "Monster Hunter 3 (Try)" are released in high resolution at once, and a huge dragon "Lagiacruz" also

The other day at GIGAZINEThe latest promotion video of "Monster Hunter 3" leaked outAndAdvertising movies flowing in a guerrilla manner at karaoke shopsWe have informed you that today the new image was released publicly.

We deliver huge sea dragon "Lagiacruz" symbolizing "Monster Hunter 3", monsters, and images of players at high image quality.

Details are as follows.
A man swordsman. I'm keeping big swords.

A woman swordsman feels like this.

Medium-sized bird dragon species with unique color "Kurupekko". In addition to skillfully capturing underwater fish with a big beak, it seems that sometimes they emit voices of other monsters and special sounds from vocal organs on the chest and head. When it feels dangerous, it means that he calls out by imitating the voice of a monster such as a flying dragon.

Kruppekko stopping on the tree.

I am using flint against Calpecco.

It is possible to spit mucus if you give up. I do not want to take a bath if possible.

A carnivorous avian dragon species "Jaggy" that has a strong social nature and lives by making a large scale herd. Since male hunts in groups, it seems that it is possible to defeat prey which is several times as large as body gap.

Jaggy and Hunter.

Jaggy's female "Jaguinos". The body is bigger than young male.

Jaguinos and Hunter. Certainly the body is bigger than male.

Leader who leads the herd of jaggies "Dosjagy". It seems that only a small part of the male who won the competition is supposed to be a leader, and he is issuing complicated orders with high leadership, such as calling companions by crying.

I came across a flock of jaggy.

And this is a huge sea dragon symbolizing "Monster Hunter 3", "Ocean ruler" and sea dragon seed "Lagiacruz". Will this Lagiacruz and players fight deep sea fights?

Is "Monster Hunter 3 (Try)" to be exhibited at Tokyo Game Show 2008, will it be possible to enjoy the state that these monsters move vertically? I am very much looking forward to it.

The official site of "Monster Hunter 3 (Try)" is from the following.

Capcom "Monster Hunter 3 (Try)"

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