McDonald's "McLive" tasting review on a horizontally long bunny with a pork patty

McDonald 's, "McLive" "Double McMrib" from today is a new release, so I bought it. Unlike ordinary burger, McLive is sandwiching pork patty in elongated buns like Lotteria's ribsend. McDonald'sMegamacThere are many goods evolved in the vertical direction like the like, and it seems rare that the one evolved in the horizontal direction is unusual.

Also, sold as a regular menu for 12 years from 1990 to 2002, Oricon'sI want the resurrected side menu Ranking first place"Bacon potato pie" that shone on was also revived for a limited time, so I bought it.

Review from below.
Macklib Bacon Potato Pie | Menu Information | McDonald's Japan

I bought it.

Orange wrapping paper is McLive, thin colored wrapping paper is double McLib.

Buns have an elongated shape.

I opened it. Minced onion and lettuce are on top of Patty.

Barbecue sauce is painted under Patty.

This is a double McLive.

There is nothing between Patty and Patty.

Below Patty is a barbecue sauce like McLive.

The sauce is a barbecue sauce rather than a terrible thing, and the pork patty itself seasoned with salt salt pepper, which makes it taste a bit smoky. The salty taste is quite intense, and those who are not good at salty taste are better to prepare the moisture. If you like a strong taste you will be satisfied. "Macklib" is a feeling that the inside of the mouth is slightly moaned because the amount of buns against Patty becomes more than "double McMrib". Volume feeling is plenty.

And this is the "bacon potato pie" that was revived.

Beware of burns because contents may be hot. It is funka from outside even if it is done.

Pie looks something like this.

I tried to break it.

I do not remember the previous taste for a while, but I am hot with the outside being crisp and the inside is a little tortoise, it is very creamy and delicious.

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