"Infinite Monkey Theorem" that a monkey strikes a keyboard for a long time and then shakes a piece of Shakespeare

If you put a typewriter in front of a monkey and keep keeping the key struck all the time for an infinite length of time, you almost certainly will be typing out a string containing Shakespeare's work ... "Infinite monkey theoremWhat is called infinite monkey theorem.

Since it is quoted in various places, it should have been something I heard, but when I read the Wikipedia "infinite monkey theorem" page, various information ranging from direct proof to history It is crammed and it is interesting contents that are cruel.

Its interesting contents as a reading are from the following.
Infinite monkey theorem - Wikipedia

According to the infinite monkey theorem (infinite monkey theorem), if a monkey continues to strike typewriter keys randomly for an infinite length of time, "almost certainly" to produce the desired text become. Even the whole work of William Shakespeare.

As a matter of course the test about this is also done, but that is really interesting as well.

A computer program executed by Dan Oliver of Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, resulted on August 4, 2004 (according to the article by The New Yorker). When a group of "monkeys" ran for 42, 162, 500, 000, 000, 000 trillion monkeys a monkey "VALENTINE. Cease toIdor: eFLP 0 FRJWK 78 aXz VOwm) - '; 8. t. The first 19 letters of this row can be found in "Verona's gentleman". Another team reproduced the 17 characters of "Timon of Athens", the 17 characters of "Troilus and Cressida", and the 16 characters of "Richard II" [23].

The website entitled "Monkey · Shakespeare Simulator" (commented on July 1, 2003) has a Java applet that simulates the monkey's huge population that is randomly typing, and the virtual monkeys are completely You can also estimate how long it will take to create a Shakespeare plays from beginning to end. For example, the following text produced a fragment of the second act of "Henry IV", but it took 247 characters to match, requiring "2,737,850,000 trillion monkey years"

On the following page, this "infinite monkey theorem" and consideration about the brain's consciousness are written.

★ Ultimate Visual Laboratory ★: ■ Yuji Ikeya "The Front Line of" Cerebral Physiology "Talking as an Evolutionary Brain High School Student" Impression · 1

The unlikely combination of ignition of 140 trillion nerve cells is 2 ^ 140 trillion. 2 ^ 140 trillion ≈ (2 300,000) 500 million. The information that our cerebral cortex instantaneously has is the 500 millionth power of the "infinite monkey theorem". Of course this is a brute-force comparison, but for permission to understand a huge number intuitively, forgive.

Although it is unknown whether it is possible to make the brain full in this way as expected it is unknown, but if the monkey continues to hit the keyboard for a long time, there is a possibility that the human brain will exceed the "infinite monkey theorem" of shakespeaking works of Shakespeare Maybe it might be interesting that it might be.

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