A man who hit a shark with bare hands to help his dog

Pets are cute, they pretend to be like their own children. Even such an important pet can not go to help if it is attacked by a shark.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a man who boldly challenged a shark to fight a battle and made a splendid punch with a shark and rescued a pet dog successfully. There seemed to be a feeling of fear though the male seemed to think that the dog was like a real child, but he seemed to have fought against the shark without hesitation.

Details are from the following.
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Greg LeNoir (53 years old) is the name of a man who rescued a pet dog (name is Jake) from a shark. Jake seems to be able to eat sharks when swimming in the sea. Greg noticed that Jake was not there, he found that Jake was in the mouth of a shark and was about to eat. Mr. Phillip, Greg's brother, testifies that the size of the shark is about 5 feet (about 1.5 meters) and whether it is either a white shark or a lemon shark. Greg desperately swam to Jake and punched for a shark. I managed to rescue Jake somehow from the shark's mouth and took him to the beach.

After that Jake was brought to a hospital because it was bitten by a shark, received treatment, he said that he is recovering smoothly now. It seems that Greg did not get injured. Greg testified that the feeling when hitting a shark was "like beating a concrete" was hard. Also, my brother Phillip is surprised that "I can not believe he jumped in the water and hit a shark."

Jake right after having been treated at the hospital.

It seems that Jake is swimming. Greg wants Jake to get better soon.

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