Shark's powerful powerful photos

Very powerful, various shark pictures. A picture of a shark taken from a very close range is shown in the movie "JawsIt is a powerful picture that makes me remember. It seems that people taking pictures also took a picture of the shark approaching the sharks until reaching their hands.

Pictures of sharks barely exposed Kiba are fearsome because they feel the realistic feeling that they can not imitate with CG.

Pictures are as follows.
A shark that jumped out of the sea surface. If you are bitten like this, there is not even one.

It is also hard to photograph.

As a result of hardships, you can take pictures like this powerfully.

Jumping for prey.

It seems to be able to fly quite high.

It seems to have been caught during meals.

Other pictures can be referred to from the following.
Dark Roasted Blend: Sharks: Cruise Missiles of the Deep

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