The wall collapse of 30,000 dominoes assembled like a trump tower

A movie that prepares multiple walls with stacked Domino and breaks it at once in the same way as a tower made by stacking cards.

A wall is made up of 750 dominoes and 40 walls are formed. It breaks down 30,000 dominoes in all, but it is a three-dimensional movement as it is stacked up.

Details are as below. Domino is accumulating steadily

Domino used was 30,000 pieces.

I have put a cat after completion for some reason.

Start pushing the middle of the wall to break the domino.
YouTube - 30,000 Subs (U-Turn)

Because it collapses easily, it is difficult to see it as if you are using 30 thousand pieces, but if you place 20 thousand pieces in a plane it will be about this.
YouTube - 20,000 Subs Tribute

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